Need Advice

Hi I’m the MD2 SGA rep and well we had our first Physio exam this past week ( yea I passed) but the professor did not cover 70% of the material on the exam nor did he tell us where the infromation was to study? He lectured and only 30% of that infromation was on the test the rest was from? Was not in the PPTs from him nor the Book??? He was a prof for us last semester and did the same things but now it is worse. The school has apologised for still having him around but? We confronted him and asked for explanations of what to study and he says he’s an expert and he’s…it went on and then he said we should study and we would pass??? I was like what?? What do we study???

Then An upper classman called me the “White Christain Prince” because the president (who gave me advice and agreed with our problems and said same thing has been going on) wanted all classes to comment on problems with professors. I did as the rep and now this individual out right insults me, and yes I was involved in a disscussion of a boycott/strike of the class for this professor after he failed 60% of the class in this way again. ( this is the down side of the Caribbean).

We didn’t strike but this moron said I should just stop and take it I and the class have no rights and If I would study and not walk around trying to change everything in the school then I would get A’s, I should “grow up”.

I’m very upset, I did nothing but what my class told me, I passed the darn Physio but it was a really unfair test by a professor who refuses to talk with anyone in the class and stated he has no office hours, can’t tell us what to study for the tests?

Basically some of the upper classmen gossip a lot ( some are older like 38 too!) and tell us to shut up and put up with it and laugh at all the problems saying they had to go through it now it’s our turn, this is medical school and this is how it is. I really do not think this is right.

Sorry this is so long.

Today I found out the other person was talked to about behavior and that the problem was taken care of. Still with a school of around 100 here on the Island ( not counting clinicals) its small as the island is. Good thing I only see people at school.


You will find that this is one of the downs about being any sort of representative for a group of people, and why I personally chose not to run for any SGA position while at St. Chris. As a politician you aren’t going to please everyone, and at some point, you will have to decide if you want to please those who voted for you, those you must interact with above you, or do as you think is best, and piss everybody off. I personally don’t think that boycotting and/or walking out of any classes in medical school is advisable, and knowing how offshore schools are, that sometimes the teachers seem to make it a point to fail most of the class (I remember some of the undergrad teachers at SCCM!!) Just focus on your studies, use the BRS or other USMLE reviews to study for your exams if you aren’t getting the material from the prof, and make sure you study it all, because if the book is listed as a required text, its really all fair game. Take care and catch you later!

Yea the strike idea was Psychological on the part of some of us and it worked, It got the class together and scared the ADMIN into action. I really could not explain the situation well enough to understand how bad it was. This “Professor” is the worst I have ever had in my life and now will either be replaced or hand held by the admin till he leaves in Aug. I never intended on striking but this guy in the upper class is not too swift and jumps to conclusions. I did get into the middle as the student SGA rep now I resigned since I’m the treasurer for the SGA and the AMSA president here. The Admin is not upset with me at all, infact they are happy I worked so hard to resolve issues.

But this is the last time. I really hated it and never want to be in this situation again.

So yea I’m out of it now just wanna study and continue to progress through school.

Well, I’m glad things are settled there for now. Students should only have to worry about studying!! You will do fine, just keep your eye on the prize.


BTW you look good in the PIC Kathy. All green? LOL