Need Advice

Hi Everyone,
I have been a regular reader in here even though I haven't posted except for few occasions. I have been accepted to one school in NY already and wat-listed at a few places, while still hangin on for interviews in a couple more. UNfortunately, I injured my knee playing soccer, completely tearing my ACL and damaging the meniscus. The doctors are sugesting surgery, followed by 3-4 months of therapy. WHat am I suposed to do? I live in CA so I would have to move this summer if things stay this way and I don't get in out here somewhere. I'll have to pack and drive cross country. If I don't have the surgery now, I'm not sure the med school schedule will permit it in the near future, let alone all the insurance and doctor change implications (I can have it done for free here), I can't do anything active (and I am very much into it) due to instability I have now, as well as I'm risking arthritis and further joint damamge.
Someone sugested defering but I'm sceptic of doing that - after trying so many years I'm scarred I'll loose my placement.
PLease let me know what you think - what would you do?

Well it kind of depends on whether you have a good support system around you right now that could help you pack…if so I say do the surgery now, have your friends/family help you pack, hire a mover (or have your friends/family move you out) (you could even hire someone to drive your car out for you and fly - if you have the funds) and you'll be ready to go when the semester starts…if you don't have the support to help you do that I'd at the very least talk to the school about the possibility of deferring…I don't think it would hurt to ask…I don't think I'd put off the surgery for long tho given the instability that must be there…even simple walking and stepping on a crack or curb wrong could make things way worse…
good luck!
–Jessica, UCCS

When med schools grant you a defer, they guarantee that they will have a place for you the following year. It can’t hurt to ask, particularly given your medical condition. And in looking at the current MSAR, every med school in NY considers a request for deferred admission. “If you don’t ask, they can’t say ‘yes’.” Don’t delay on this however. Some schools get cranky about it after they begin to solidify their incoming class.

Thanks all for your messages - I’ve scheduled my surgery for May 6th and the docs think that should give me enough time to do the necessary rehab and get moving. I hope I can get off the wait list here in Southern CA and I don’t have to move; that would also give me an extra month till school starts.
Wish me luck!!! biggrin.gif