Need an answer!!

We talked about a condition during fifth semester that I cannot remember the name of, nor can I find it anywhere in my texts or online. If anyone knows the answer, let me know. It is the condition caused by an overzealous D & C that basically takes off the lining of the uterus, affecting the menstrual cycle and fertility. Thanks in advance.


Are you thinking of asherman’s syndrome? I double checked the description online and it sounds like a match. Please let me know if this sounds familiar. Intrauterine or uterine synechiae are also listed as synonyms.

I think it’s Asherman’s Syndrome also. It immediately came to mind when I read your description and I went and looked it up and the desciption matched yours. This was a good mini-review for step 3 in the spring, which I am reviewing for already.


It is indeed Asherman’s syndrome. Thanks guys. I could not pull it out of my brain!!