Need Help With Decision

Hi everyone,

I need advise in the decision I’m about to make. I’m in my fourth class in my MBA program. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Management but the majority of the classes I took doesn’t meet the requirements for medical school. Therefore, I have the options of either doing a post bacc or getting a 2nd degree in Biology, which both will take about the same length of time to complete.

If I do the post bacc program, I would have to pay for it myself, which money is an issue at this time; however if I get a 2nd degree then I can get student loans. Due to the fact I’m in the MBA program, student loans can only pay for one or the other, it will not pay for classes that overlaps one another or for two degrees at the same time.

If I wait to finish my MBA then do the 2nd degree in Biology, I feel I will only be wasting more time and more money. My main purpose is to complete the courses I need in a timely fashion so I can prepare for the MCAT exam and medical school.

I am thinking about dropping out of the MBA program so I can get started on the 2nd degree in Biology. The MBA does not have any courses required for med school and I feel I am just wasting my time as well as money.

If I drop out of the MBA program once this class is over, I can enrolled into a 2nd degree program at another University and get on the road to preparing for med school. What do you all think?

Please help me make the choice that is most logical. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

In my opinion, logic is secondary here. First decide if you are really passionate about medicine. If you are, go for it!!