Need help with personal statement and introduction

I am editing my personal statement right now and I could use some opinions. I’ve purchased that book “Essays that will get you into Medical School” and I feel less and less confident as I read some of the essays in this book. I’ve read a lot of Gonnif’s posts about FUD and I remind myself of this everyday.

I’ve been lurking on this forum for the past few years and I haven’t taken the opportunity to introduce myself.

About me:

B.S. in Environmental Science 2001 GPA 3.61

M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2007 GPA 3.70

I’ve been working in various research labs for over a decade and I have some publications in the area of molecular biology and genomics.

I work at a university and have retaken: Phys I, Inorganic Chem I and II, Organic Chem I and II and an upper level biology class in physiology. I reviewed general Biology and sat in on the class but did not take it for credit.

I’ve volunteered in the local Emergency Department for the last three years and I’ve been shadowing a D.O. in Family Medicine.

I’ve made contacts in the Premed Office at this university and gotten to know a few of the professors in the premed program pretty well. They will be writing my composite letter for my medical school application.

I’ve been taking the Kaplan MCAT prep course and I’ve been doing pretty well on the practice MCAT exams (over 30). I plan to take 14 total practice exams before I sit for the MCAT in June.

I think I will wait to get my scores in July before sending in my application but I am not 100% sure of this.

I am 30, married and expecting my first (and probably only) child at the beginning of August. My husband is completing his PhD this next year and has been looking at lots of Post-docs in areas where I will be applying to schools.

I’ll be applying to both allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. I am very interested in internal medicine and both the M.D.s and D.O.s I have met in this field have been wonderful. I have no doubt that I will be well-prepared by either type of medical education. Altogether, I plan to apply to approximately 25 schools for matriculation in 2011.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself

Can I suggest you for your first draft throw all those facts, CV, books away and just start writing why YOU want to be a doctor. Don’t think about who is going to read it, or if touches on all your accomplishments. Just write it to yourself why you want to be a doc, why are you motivated, etc. You gotta tell yourself first. Once you have something with the kernel in it, then you can edit, add, polish, etc. But with out that real kernel of truth it is just fluffy as popcorn

Hi. I am new here too. Wow --your list of credentials is really impressive! I am currently drafting my personal statment right now. (well, actually, just looking at a blank screen and trying not to freak out!!)

I am 33 years old, a non traditional returning student and entering my senior year of Undergrad. I have taken all the heavy sciences and done reasonably well. I am starting my application now for 2011, and am hoping my timeline is reasonable.

As a 33 year old woman, I am definitley conflicted about attending med school and having kids. Really cool to hear that you are pregnant and going through this journey. Have you had interviews yet? I am curious how your pregnancy was received by the schools you talked to. I am not married but have met someone I could settle down with. I know it’s different for everyone, but am really curious and inspired with your journey of having a baby and applying to med school. Would love to hear any thoughts you have on this!

Gonnif: Thanks! The personal statement is really scary but I think I am making progress.

Bellydance Girl: I am applying now too. My son is due in August so I will have a newborn in the fall. We planned it this way because I don’t think I have the guts to go to an interview (if I’m lucky enough to get one) looking obviously pregnant. I’ve had a lot of good female mentors and quite a few of them have some funny stories about defending a PhD thesis at 38 weeks pregnant or 3 weeks post-partum or having a baby when going through the tenure approval process. As it is, I’ll be seven months pregnant when I sit for the MCAT.

There are a lot of “mother/physician” websites out there too. I’m sure it will be challenging but I think it will be worth it in the long run. My husband is an incredible partner and sure to be a very organized and capable dad.

I’ll be sure to check back over the next several months to let you know how everything goes.

Good luck with everything and with your personal statement!