Need honest advice

Hi new here and would love honest input.

Let me say for starters I’ve already been told I’m too old and it’s not financially feasible to start out at my age.

I do not even have a bachelors yet and was planing on starting in January 2015. I know that sounds sad for someone of 47 not to even have an associates but my former career paid quite well with nothing more than certifications and high school diploma. I’m now retire from my sailing career ( I’m female)

I’m divorced and have 5 grown children.

I was considering this as a new path in life but don’t know if I have a shot at all?? I know by time I could finish I could be nearly 60 to be an attendending.

I definitely believe I have plenty of stamina after all my sea career was many days working 20 plus hours and 7 days. A week as well long tours of duty and that was alongside much younger crowd. Also I know how much I want to be educated and I feel that now I’m retired civilian employee I don’t have constraints of many people. But please do tell me if you honestly think it’s a bad idea?

I think I replied to your post on that other website ( for folks with vaginas whose thinking resembles the dark ages of academics IMHO).

I digress, read Kate’s story for proof it CAN be done with the right amount of hard work, preparation, and motivation. Just take it one step at a time, and sooner than you know, you’ll BE there!

PS- A good start may be more positive, spirit uplifting username. Just sayin’…

Lol I just read that! Haha!

And thanks for the upbeat response!

Yeah my name was originally expresso earlier In the morning but I didn’t get confirmation till after I made this one a few hours later lol! Kind of ran out of ideas i was tired ha!

But unless it’s something too unrealistic I won’t give up just because one persons opinion, trust me, my dad tried to dissuade me from going to sea too and if I won’t listen to him haha don’t think the other place is for me lol!

I’m stubborn like that! But still open to suggestions too!

Read the following:…

Thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed that

Makes perfect sense to me because we are preconditioned in our society to believe "it has to be done in youth " with so many things . We fail to realize that we are not only living longer but healthier as well for many of us.

I have fell into this trap as well myself and as a result put off things I could have very well accomplished.

Can it be done at your age? Surely. You just need to understand that it will have repercussions for your life that you’ll need to accept. You’re going to need to get a Bachelor’s degree, apply to medical school, and then get through medical school. That’s 8 years if everything goes well, and it’s going the foist a decent amount of debt on you- relative to how much money you can make while doing the BS to reduce your loan burden. How much does it cost? Consider this. Most students are subject to a lifetime cap for how much money they can take in federal student loans (IIRC, around $125k). If you’re in a medical track, that number more than doubles. And then after that, call it 3-8 year depending on what kind of medicine you want to practice. Possibly more if you take an opportunity for a cool fellowship somewhere in there.

So how does this work into your life plans? You’re 47 and with 5 grown kids, you’re at an age and life stage where people are generally kicking the tires on a plan that gets them to retirement. If you start a BS in the fall, you’re going to accrue debt until you reach 55 (at least) and then you’re only going to make a relatively modest salary for another 5 years or so. This will mean carrying student loan debt and working for the rest of your life. Retirement? You likely won’t have one unless you live well into your 90s. That would scare me.

But here’s the thing- I’m not you! There’s only one person who’s you, and that’s you. It doesn’t matter how I would feel about that. It matters how you feel about it. So the question “can it be done” is the wrong question. The right question is an analysis of whether or not the opportunity costs in both money and time and the delayed gratification of your ROI are worth having this career. That’s an intensely personal choice that you need to think about and reach your own conclusion. We can always give input, but the ball is firmly in your court.

Depends on why you’re doing it – if you’re doing it just for the hell of it – yeah, probably a bad idea –

If you’re doing it because you can’t see yourself doing anything else – then nothing will stop you – I think you should honestly call up/visit a few schools - especially DO schools to discuss the this with them. I would certainly recommend KCOM in Kirksville, MO and TCOM in Ft. Worth as being chronologically enhanced student friendly…See what an admissions advisor tells you…

good luck in your decision.

I’m understanding the realistic financial concerns!

I do really want this and not just for the heck of it though and certainly not for some fake tv show either,as I don’t watch tv lol!

I do need to put a lot of thought into this I realize that and can’t just do anything on a whim!


“Chronologically Enhanced”. Thank you. That’s coming out on interview day. =)