Need information

I am 30 years old this year and seriously looking to go back to college. I am still in need of my BA/BS before I tackle medical school. I have a lot of interests, and am not sure what exactly to aim for that will help me get in to medical school. Science is not my most favorite subject, so any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.
Some of my interests are, World or Asian studies/music-Voice/Language/English Lit. I am more then willing to take the required science and math courses, but would like a more rounded degree.

I think most here would agree that you should pursue what interests you most. Your choice of major is usually an insignificant part of your application. You just need to take the required courses for medical school which include biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics plus others that may be required by individual schools.
Having a science major may help you a bit on the MCAT and in the first year of medical school. However, there are plenty of people that do great on the MCAT and in medical school after taking only the bare minimum of medical school requirement science courses.

definitely major in what you want - you’re so much more likely to do well in the things that interest you. Obviously you’ll also need to do very well in the med school prerequisite courses, but as you’ve noted, they’re not that big a chunk of credits in the grand scheme of things.
An interesting major makes you “stand out” in a good way IMHO. The bio majors are a dime a dozen - now, given that someone’s interested in medicine, a lot of them are going to WANT to major in bio and they should. But you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to learn and do stuff that you won’t get another chance to experience. Lord knows you won’t have time to immerse yourself in neat world literature stuff (just for example) when you’re in medical school.
One “advantage” that a science major has is that s/he takes enough science classes that the occasional less-than-perfect grade is easily made up for with other grades - i.e. a C for one semester of organic chem, when averaged into a bajillion other science grades of mostly As and a few Bs, doesn’t hurt your BCPM (bio-chem-physics-math) GPA that’s computed as part of your application. OTOH if ALL you take are the prerequisites, one crummy grade is going to stand out a lot more. So you need to make the determination that you are going to do VERY well in your prereqs! biggrin.gif
BTW in at least one recent year, the major that had the best acceptance rate for medical school was… music. Philosophy majors also traditionally have good acceptance rates.

I chose to go back and get a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies because I had taken so many classes in so many different areas (art, drama, sociology, history, etc) so it made sense for me. You might check into something like that if you already have a sizeable amount of hours to transfer. Good luck.