This is my first time posting, I have just joined a couple months ago as well as listening to the podcast between the Pre-Meds to the Specialties Stories. When I found the podcasts, it definitely helped reinforce that I still truly want to work towards being a physician one day. I am 23 years old and taking my pre-requisites for pre-med at a community college. I am almost complete and am able to apply to transfer in the fall to an undergrad program. Although, I been having a dilemma, it’s been a tough semester for me. I recently had to drop my Calculus class with a withdrawal. My problem is that even though I do well in everything else, I am a bad test taker; more like test anxiety. It gets to a point where I physically become sick on test days, it never fails me on test days. My grades begin to suffer because of it and it’s difficult for me because even though I completely understand the concepts, my anxiety makes me lose my confidence and I go into a total blank when I take exams. This has definitely taken a toll on my confidence in feeling I am able to succeed in medical school because I know materials will only get harder. I question my academic skills a lot, but I know I have a passion for medicine and have not been able to find anything else that will make me feel satisfied in my career. So my question is, does anyone have any advice on how to deal with test anxiety?


It is common among all of us to have something that sets us back, whether it be bad-test taking or procrastination or time (feels like it for people like me, nontrads). Just pace yourself. Religiously, take mini breaks and breathe. If you need to, just go ahead and ask your professor for more time or to take a test away from a regular classroom setting. There’s nothing wrong with being accommodated. I REPEAT- THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GETTING ACCOMMODATIONS <3

As for test taking anxiety, the more you know your stuff, the less anxiety you may experience. But also, hanging around with competitive and UN-collaborative peers make it easy to always FEEL unprepared about any test, whether science or math or anything. So if you have to, study on your own or study with people who help you thrive.