Need pre-req's before pre-req's?

Hi - I’m considering a pretty big career change; I’ve got Bachelors and Masters degrees in Accounting and currently work for a hedge fund. I placed out of most of my undergrad science requirements and did really well in the (non-science) classes I did take, but I haven’t actually taken sciences since practically high school. I’d like to start a post-bacc program within the next 2 years, do you think I need to start taking community college classes even before that to get back up the curve? Also, I’ve heard you need to do a significant amount of volunteering to get into a good post-bacc program; is some weekend time enough? I’m working 60+ hours a week as it is and don’t know how much more time I can spare for additional volunteering. Thanks much.

welcome to OPM. My background is somewhat similar to yours - had an undergrad in accounting, decided “to hell with 150 credit hrs for CPA :)” and worked in consulting for a few years before returning to school.

I think you should have no problem jumping into your post-bacc program. I had no science courses going through my undergrad, and I’m doing well on my prereqs now. A good approach would be to perhaps to go through some of those do-it-yourself guides to chemistry, physics, etc, before jumping into classes.

One additional note, a formal post-bacc program is not needed. Most of us have enrolled or re-enrolled at a normal 4 year university and just take the chem, physics, o.chem, biology required classes with undergrads. I don’t think either approach is superior, but post-bacc might be more geared towards working professionals seeking a career change from what I heard.

Good luck!

I think only you can tell if you need additional prep. Why don’t you go to the local University and ask them if they have any placement exams for incoming freshmen.

I know my University has placement exams that will place you in one of 2 starter (101 type) courses based on your background. If you don’t do well on that exam they actually have a 101 class that actually fills in the blanks for you before you move on to the “real” 101 material.

Each department has their own placement exams so Chem, Physics, Bio have their own. I’m pretty sure your local U has something similar.