Need some help and advice!!


first I am really glad to have found this site and to know that I am not the only one having such thoughts and feelings. Now a little about me…

I just turned 27 last week. I finished college from in 2003 with a dual major in Electrical and Computer Engineering (when I was 21 years old.) After 5 years of Engineering and Business (marketing, sales, etc.) in the two jobs I have held, I just feel like there is no personal satisfaction in it anymore.

I had been volunteering at the local Children’s hospital the last two years because I felt like helping people, especially children. After doing so, I really feel I could have a passion for pediatrics.

I had taken the Calc and Physics courses in college, although probably not done too well in them (average of 2.5-3.0 gpa in them.) My question is: If I decide to go back to school to do pre-med and then medical school, would my courses (atleast the ones I did well in) count for Medical school admission or will I have to take all the pre-reqs again??

If so, how many pre-req courses are there for med school, and is it possible to do this part-time (so I can still work at my current job and earn money for funding the classes??) How long would it take to finish the pre-med courses part time, compared with full-time??

Thank you and I would appreciate any help/feedback.!!

Wish I were you!

The courses will count as is so retaking them may be a good move for you.

As for part-time, it sounds like you are serious about a change, so are you serious? Do the math. Does it add up to make this shift part-time? How much are you dying where you are?

If you can swing it, great, and more power to you. I’m trudging the halls at 46 as a full-time student hoping to make it good “enough.” If I were you now, I’d throw everything in and take care of the expense later. Each class is more expensive with every passing year…this much I’ve learned.