Need some quick advice...Please??

Hi Everyone,

So the short story…in the fall of 2012, I took Gen chem 101 and recieved a D. I was also taking physics (which I dropped, and I was working full time.

I am quiting my job at the end of this week because it was just too hard to balance both and do well. I want to focus completely on school.

My question: I took this class at Northwestern for about $1500. Can I retake this at a junior college given the expense or should I retake it at NU this summer?

I dont want an adcom to think I am taking the easy way out but I dont want to spend that kind of money unnecessarily.


I can’t really comment on your question. You will likely have to explain that D and given you were working and quitting, it seems you have a good place to start.

I personally took all my classes at a CC, and without reviving the eternal debate, it appears that schools are more open every year to that idea. Without a job, you would have good reason to take cheaper classes.

While I did take all my classes (but Biochem) at CCs, I also had a heavy academic background. So I can’t, in all honnesty, advise that everyone do that. However, and again, given the money issue, you can always take some classes at a CC and others at a 4 year U (biochem, genetics, Molecular Biology…) Keep in mind that you should aim for As in all. I think it is very doable to get some pre-reqs at CC without being at a major disadvantage. Of course, this is not ideal. But doable, definitely.

Ugh, I guess my concern is the re-take aspect. I feel like if took the class initially at a jr college, it might not reflect so poorly. My fear is that it will look as though I am trying to get a better grade at an easier school.

All the factors are different now…no job, so I can focus, but also no job so no money. I dont know what to do from here. I feel like everyone will look upon it so differently, and the schools themselves are no help…they only give you the pc answer of “yes we accept jr college.”

Gen Chem 1 is probably not the most important pre-reqs. If you want to do some at 4 years, perhaps OChem would be better.

But again, with a good narrative I think it can fly. However, and as I warned, you will be less competitive most likely, but that will not prevent you from being accepted assuming good numbers, letters, ECs and so on.

Good luck.

I took Physics 1, Gen Chem 1/2 and Lower division Bios at CC. I took upper division Bios, Physics 2 and O Chem 2 at the University. Personally, the quality of instruction and ability to interact with the professor was better at CC. There are merits to taking them in each place, but I’m glad I started at CC for the foundations so I was better prepared for the hard stuff at the University.