Need someone to read my personal statement


Would anyone be willing to read my personal statement? I would prefer someone that is in med school or later.


send it over

You can send it to me too if you need another set of eyes

Thanks! Will send it over tonight.


your signature needs a table of contents

Gabe, you’re just jealous

I added it as a private topic. Thanks.

Mr. Jackson, you should apply to Wayne… hilarity would ensue.

(Explanation: Dr. Matt Jackson has the pleasure of being our attendance police. Emails with his name bring about fear and loathing in all those who have forgotten to swipe their id cards for required events.)

Mines too! Mines too please!! ^^


Would you think it will be wise for me to mention osteopathic medicine in my personal statement or should I wait until the secondaries?

If you are applying to both MD and DO schools you will need 2 personal statements. First of all the character length is different for each (MD is longer). BUT, you have to include something about “why osteopathic” in the DO statement. I wrote the MD one first and then edited and added the osteopathic piece. Very hard to do since I had less characters to deal with. I would suggest doing it the other way round - DO first and then edit out the osteopathic part and expand on a few areas if you like.

Thank you, I will do that. I only plan to apply to DO.

Getting down to the wire for AACOMAS June 1st submission date…

Should I absolutely submit on that date? I’m asking because of the conference - I feel like I have pretty average stats, and thus earlier submission means a better chance to get in this year. But I don’t know how much of a difference it will make to not submit until after Vegas.

Also, I’m really worried about the current state of my personal statement. Any chance someone would take a look at it?

Hi Pixie

I don’t think you have to get it in on June 1st - I think anytime in June will be fine. I submitted mine last year in the first week of July. It then takes AACOMAS about 4 weeks to verify. Just make sure that your transcripts get there soon - they can be submitted and received before you complete the application.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve handed in my trascripts just now and they received them! My stats are good but I don’t want to bore the adcoms with my personal statement. I’ve heard earlier is better but I am meeting with my premed committee later in June. Until then, I want to write a smashing PS and let a lot of people read it before I meet with them and apply. Writing a personal statement can be the most difficult because you do not know what style interest them, right?

For AMCAS June 1st is the first date you can submitt for verification, but no apps will be sent until June 17th this year. They moved up the date from last year (yikes). I read that a delay of one day on AMCAS side can equal up to a week delay on the med school review. Not sure if that stat is true (so feel free to take with a grain of salt.) I’m cutting it pretty close to the wire myself. I still haven’t finalized my personal statement. I think that if you get the application done the first week of June you should be alright, especially if all your transcripts are turned in before that.

AACOMAS, I suspect, operates the same way but their deadlines in term of primaries and secondaries are later so that should take some of the heat off ( at least I hope so). I’m applying to both so I’m aiming towards the soonest deadline in order to make sure everything gets done. I still feel like I don’t have enough time…

Good Luck to everyone applying this year and if you’re going the the conference in Vegas, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

3 of 4 transcripts already in - the first community college I requested them at is the last to get them in, of course.

Thanks for clarification on dates, think I may relax a bit and spend a day polishing the descriptions of my EC stuff before I submit.