Needed to Share!

I finally got verified today YEAH!!
I recieved 3 "x"s though considering I had a combination of 9 transcripts and waivers though I’m happy with that. Do they hurt you too badly?
Also the way they do the ‘yearly’ GPA makes me look like a reeal slug? Hopefully the bottom line will help more?
Amcas science:3.68 overall:3.42
AAcomas science: 3.81 overall:3.80 They let you recover from early errors(0.0s from dropping without dropping); I love DOs, they live in the real world!
Sorry ranting again.

Girrrl I had like a whole PAGE full of X’s…they changed my whole semester scheme or something like that. Anyways it will NOT hurt at all for admissions purpose. Good luck!

Doesn’t it feel GREAT!? Those applications are worse than doing taxes!!I kept having nightmares of hidden/missed errors, etc. Crikey!