Never Forget

Today, is a solemn day in the history of the United States and man-kind alike.
Two years ago today, the evil of mankind showed its face, a face that has been seen in the past. Serbia, Vietnam POW camps, North Korea, Nazi Germany, and Iraq.
We must remember today, not because we were attacked, but because we saw how we cared for each other.
I am an EMT in NJ and work in NYC. I was waiting in the Emergency Room at the hospital I work in for people to start pouring in…no one showed up. I was dispatched to ground zero to stand by with my ambulance crew to take survivors to the hospital. Out of the tens of ambulances that were there waiting, not a single one left with a patient. They left only to change shifts.
I do not think it is possible for anyone to forget where they were when the heard the news. I will always remember my wife begging me, pleading with me through her tears not to go to the scene to do what I felt I needed to do. She knew that she was asking the impossible. I told her I had a job to do.
Out of respect for her, and our new born daughter, I stayed behind. A decision that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I belonged in the field, I belonged with the other EMTs and firefighters, I should have been part of the rescue effort. I stayed behind and watched television until I was able to get into an ambulance, where I belonged.
I cannot watch any coverage, I cannot bear it. I know that I could have been there, maybe even should have been there. I know that I lost 343 fellow emergency brothers and sisters.
I found out later that my best friend, also an EMT, was on scene with doctors and nurses who set up 10 field operating rooms. Not a single operating table was used. I found out that another friend, also an EMT, was in WTC 7 when it happened, he made it. His brother, a FDNY firefighter, did not.
I never talked about it, but when I arrived for a shift at the station house and came back from an ambulance call, I was forced to open up. Other than what you are reading, I never made my feelings known.
Thank you for listening.

My condolences to you on the loss of your fellow men and women. I can't even imagine what you must have gone through. I hope you've forgiven yourself for not going; we are all human, after all, and you did what you thought was best.
I posted this on another thread, but this related and so crucial that I am reposting it here.
In light of this somber anniversary and the tragic loss of a KCOM student this week, this topic is extremely important.
If the worst should happen, and you/your spouse should die or become totally and permanently disabled, your Stafford (Federal) loans will be forgiven.
This is not so with private loans. If you have a co-borrower, or you have a family, this is especially critical. Your estate, or your co-borrower, will be left with those loans.
We strongly recommend a life insurance policy. While I am no expert on life insurance, I do know that term policies can be purchased for something like $15 per month. If you have a co-borrower, make the co-borrower your beneficiary.
Don't leave your loved ones a mountain of debt to remember you by.

Thanks for your thoughts. I am trying. My wife and I are discussing additional Life insurance, to supplement what we get through our jobs.