Never Give Up.

The Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine has invited me to join the class of 2007.
Got to go celebrate!
Susan - Chicago

Congratulations!!! biggrin.gif

Great school. I've worked with some of their grads - very strong training.

Way to go! Welcome to the class of 2007…wow, it feels strange saying that.

Susan, I am so happy for you! Kirksville will be SO LUCKY to have you. You go, girl!

CONGRATS! biggrin.gif
- Tae

I excitedly welcome you to my soon-to-be alma mater. I will be proud to call you a fellow alum!
Please keep me informed of which school you actually decide to attend…you know that KCOM gets my vote!

Susan, I know of no one who deserves it more!!

yay!!! congrats, Susan!

Hey Susan,
Congratulations! You are making the Class of 2007 on OPM the biggest yet! You are going to have so much fun leaving the big city for the small town life smile.gif

tongue.gif Susan, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of Luck to you!!
smile.gif Congratulations! smile.gif
tongue.gif Susan, MANY CONGRATS!!! smile.gif
Is this the same Susan I met in Chicago back in what was it, 2001?

Sorry to high-jack the thread (congratulations Susan) -
but - great to hear from you Mike !


[insert scream and delighted smile here]
There you are!!! Where have you been? How are you? Yes, it's me!
No Lisa, you didn't hijack my thread at all! I'm so glad it smoked him out.
Delighted to see your message!
Susan - Chicago
PS - OK, I was a little heavy-fingered with the !!!, but I'm so glad you posted!!