New and need some advice.

Well hello first of all.

My name is Eric and I’m a 23 years old freshman just starting out this semester. I was previously in the Marine Corps for the last 4 years, so starting over has been very intimadating. I was undecided for a long time but for the last year or so I decided medicine is the way to go.

I would like to know if any of you know any good websites that would help me increase my skills in math, biology or chemistry? I had my school schedule set up to take all required classes for med school. But Im scared to death because throughout highschool, those were my worst subjects. If anyone has any websites or just even simple support that would be great.

Greetings Eric,

I cannot offer you the websites you seek, though I know there are members here who can provide that info for you, there is a thread in the general forums somewhere that provides numerous links to these sites. But instead of searching for hours, I would wait for someone to chime in who has them for readily available.

How wanted to chime in to your question and give you my suggestion. Go to your local library and/or book store and get the BIOLOGY made simple books, they have them for all subjects and I found them most useful in the past…Best of luck to you!!

Hi Eric

There are a couple of alternatives aside from online stuff. But since you want online info, try MIT opencoursware initiative. These are free classes online with videos, homework etc, that are given to MIT students. Very neat, excellent quality and will prepare you in BIO, PHYS, MATH and more (take a look, just amazing)

see here.

You can also locate anyone close to where you live see if you can hangout together and help each other out.

Finally you can audit some classes. The downside is that you have to pay and won’t get credit, but it will prepare you. Then you retake it for credit and get an A. Costly, but safer.

Definitely, the MIT stuff will do the trick. I am working on the physics a bit now and it is really cool.

Take care and good luc

  • redo-it-all Said:
Finally you can audit some classes. The downside is that you have to pay and won't get credit, but it will prepare you. Then you retake it for credit and get an A. Costly, but safer.

Would audited classes re-taken not show up twice on academic transcripts? Once with grade and once without grade? I don't know how that works out, so I'm wondering...

Dullhead (BTW, I love the pic)

I am no expert when it comes to transcripts. I don’t know if auditing a class would show on a transcript.

Hey Redo,

This is off-topic, but since you liked my profile pic, I should mention that it’s the work of Roger Ballen. Look him up. And enjoy!

Hey Dull

thanks for the info, I will check his work out. I really love the pic.


I am new here also and I understand what you are saying. I am now a sophomore undergrad, but before I enrolled in any college, for one year this is what I did, on my own…it doesn’t have to take you that long, I just needed extra confidence. Here are a few links that I daily visited, with pen and paper in hand, and studied right along with the lecturer as if I were in that class. I was faithful to it and learned college level courses ahead of time.

This is Dr. Marian Diamond; she is a remarkable lecturer. She writes everything down on the chalkboard and is quite detailed in her information. This is the link for IB 131 general anatomy. You can navigate around the website and you will find that almost all of their courses are offered here. They are kept up to date, so you can join the current class or search through the archived years, it will be the same instructor

for most. I set up folders on my desktop and committed 50 minutes to each class as if I were taking 12-16 credit hours of classes. I hope this has helped you a bit. When I got stuck, often on math, I went to youtube and put in math for dummies or something like that, and learned from someone else’s perspective. I still do that today.

Best to you.…

O, also, you can download these on your ipod or ipod touch, or whatever, and listen or in my case, watch on the road. Soooo very helpful to me.