New at OPM

Happy Holidays!

I would like to take a moment and do an intro and also say how much I have appreciated reading some of the posts here and the tenacity expressed in them.

I am 42 and the mom of 3 boys ages 10, 7 and 5. I am an LVN and work in the ER. Right now I am entering a mobility program for the transition from LVN to RN. Seeing how well I have done, maintaining a 4.0 while working full-time, has made me believe that just maybe it is possible to do what i really want. Like many of you, I have wanted to be a Doctor since I was a little girl. I have tried to put it aside numerous times in my life and this desire keeps resurfacing again and again. It’s stronger than anything I have ever known and with it comes the ominous feeling that if I don’t dig in my heels and do it, I will always regret it. I know this may sound somewhat dramatic - but maybe not.

I wrestle with the time away from my kids and this is one of my primary struggles. My husband works from home and has taken on my past roles as driver, washer, cooker and shopper - so I do have tremendous support at home. As my children will have one stable and available parent.

So, here I am - eating the giant pie one piece at a time. It’s the only way I am able to approach it.

I look forward to following the progress of each of you and getting to know you along the way.


Welcome, Amanda!

I’ve never seen the whole pie, I just take a bite …:smiley: tasty, fun, interesting, satisfying, and exhilarating. Hopefully, 10 years from now, I’ll look back and say, “DANG! That pie was AWESOME! and so, so worth it!!”

Good luck to you in your program!

Hi Kate,

You are slightly older than me but in a similar boat. i hope to do this with you. I am ready to take that first bite soon.


midwife who wants more

This is truly an amazing community, you’ll feel right at home! Welcome…!

thanks for the welcome! I look forward to hearing your progress and experiences as you each move along the road toward your dream.