New from South Africa

Hallo everyone,

I am sooooo excited to have found this forum. I thought I was crazy till I found it

Im 34years old and busy with my applications for Med School. I haven’t even told anyone about this because I was soo embarrassed to be starting med school so late in life.I don’t know if I will get accepted, but I will not give up.

I have been working for the automotive industry for 10years and qualified as a physical metallurgist years ago. 3years ago I left my job to go for a year long stinct in Europe. I have been unemployed since 2009. I have always wanted to be a physician, but I kept postponing and postponing till now.

I don’t know what my friends and family will say, but guess what? I don’t care. I am currently single, since 2011 Dec with no children yet. I think ending my relationship also helped clear my head and concentrate on MY dreams…

Thank you soooo much for this site, now I know i’m not crazy.

  • ambitious Said:
I haven't even told anyone about this because I was soo embarrassed to be starting med school so late in life.

There is no need to feel embarrassed about your age. Where does it say that one has to be "young" in order to go to medical school or be a physician? Because most applicants to medical school are in their early 20s, does not mean that all applicants need be. It is often said that younger applicants can better handle the rigors of medical school and residency, and that they would have more years to practice. While the latter point is true, the former (better handle the rigors) may not necessarily be true. While some public medical schools do put age limits on medical school applicants (35 is typically the top age in many European and Asian countries), many private medical schools do not have age limits.

  • ambitious Said:
I don't know if I will get accepted, but I will not give up.

Only you can ultimately decide whether or not to give up.


Tell us a little more indepth of education, grades, postbacc, etc. BTW, one of early and active members DoctorGeo2008 has been in the automotive industry in Michigan for years. I think he is applying this year as well

I have finally dold some of my family members and friends. Some supportive, most indifferent. Right now I dont even care, this is my future…

Im not sure you ll understanding the grading system as its a bit different from the US. For an entry, one requires an APS of between 35 to 30(depending on the university)…

All the 8universities we have have 6year programs. So whether you have a bacc or post bac really doesnt matter except for WITS university. They have recently introduced 4year programs for students with post bach.

Personally, I have a bachelors in METALLURGY Engineering.My high school grades give me an APS of 34 :-/ and university grades at 33.

My 1st choice of schools right now will be the less prestige universities as their APS requirements can be as low as 30.

Prospective students must write the NBT(Institutional Proficiency Test ) in the year prior to entry… I will be writting these between Aug and Sept.