New here, Hello!

Greetings fellow Old Pre-Meds,

I’ll be 35 this year and will be starting my long road to becoming a Doc. I don’t seem too out of place here.
I’m married with two daughters, 4 & 8 yrs old.
I “lost” my job (that I freakin hated anyway) and will be starting my freshman year in Biology this fall.
Well, that’s about it. I’ve lurked around for awhile and found this discussion community to be a great asset!

Welcome! Where in the country are you?

I’m from the West-Central Ohio area.

We have a bit in common starting with similar user names!
I have two children as well, ages 3 and 6. I am still officially in my freshman year and just started back to school this winter after staying home for 6.5 years with my boys.
I’m also in the Midwest - I’m in Michigan in a Metro Detroit sub.
Glad to have you with us!

Hi, and welcome, from another midwesterner! I’m in Milwaukee. I’m 40 with a previous bachelor’s, and will finish off my prereqs next year.

Hi and welcome to OPM.

I started as a freshman at age 32. I had two kids as well who were 3 /12 and 11. It is a great journey, but keep in mind there will be potholes in the road, so don’t quit when you run across them. Just get up dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

I wish you all the luck on your journey

Hello and Welcome to OPM. Glad you’re here.

Most of all, try to enjoy the path, especially of you will be on it for a while. Amy B is right, always holes in the road, don’t let them stop you.

Welcome to OPM!
I think you will find a great bunch of people here! Good luck

Hello, we are in pretty much the same boat. I am 35 and will hopefully be starting my pre-req’s this fall. I’ve got an AS now and starting toward my bachelor’s in BIO. Although I do not have kids. Good luck.

Welcome great to have you on board! Hey I’m 40 doing premed.
I have three kids.