New here, hi!

Hello all,

Just found this site, and signed up about a week ago. I just wanted to give a little background, and ask a question as well.

I’m 36, and I did my undergrad in Pre-Vet. I didn’t end up going to Vet school, but instead ended up in clinical genetics. I worked in a genetics lab (hospitals doing diagnosis, not research) for about 13 years before coming back to school. I’m currently in a Masters program in Cancer Biology.

My GPA in undergrad wasn’t bad, 3.5, and I’m doing okay halfway through this Masters. I’d like to go into Pathology.

My question is, I’ve seen a few posts about medical history on sites, but don’t have a clear cut answer about whether admissions can ask you about past medical history. I have a history of depression, and have taken medication for it. It didn’t effect my schooling, so my grades didn’t suffer, but I still don’t want to bring it up, nor do I want to lie about it!

I’m just hoping since it’s something I’ve lived with for quite a while, and is well under control with medication, can I safely apply without worrying about it coming up?

Thanks so much everyone, looking forward to chatting more in the future!

Pretty sure asking about your medical condition or history is an illegal question.


That’s what I was thinking, but I guess I wanted to make sure. I know employers can’t do it, but…

A lot if things are illegal but are done none the less.

I’d have a way to address ANYTHING that could come up during an interview. But I wouldn’t volunteer ANYTHING I wasn’t prepared to talk about.