New here, just starting the journey...

Greetings to all.

This is actually my first post on this board. It seems like a lot of information is tossed about here, so I am hoping that someone can give me a bit of insight into some of the options that may be available for me in the future.

Let me start out by giving you a bit of background information.

After graduating from Nicholls State University (A small state university of about 7000 students in Louisiana) in December of 2006, with a BSN nursing degree, I worked at a regional hospital in the Emergency Department. Though I enjoyed the work as an RN, after a year of employment, I decided to pursue my dream of working full-time in missions.

I am currently living and working in Central America with a missions group called, “Castillo Del Rey A/D.” This faith-based missions organization is dedicated to reaching the children of El Salvador and Nicaragua through various programs, including feeding programs and rural medical clinics. In addition to other responsibilities, I am working with a local doctor to treat the undeserved populations in rural-mountain communities. As I am constantly surrounded by immeasurable need, I have been inspired to pursue my MD. I will be here in Central America until 2010, but I am starting to look into the options that will be available to me in the future. I am interested in starting my pre-med pre-reqs in either Jan or Jun of 2010.

Some academic information:

In college, I started to take some of the pre-reqs for Med school, but have not finished them all. I was at a quarter based university, and took 2 quarters of Biology and 2 quarters of Chemistry (that said, I do not have the full year required of either). I did make A’s in both of the above mentioned classes.

Undergraduate GPA: 3.6 ( I also graduated first in my nursing class within my major. We were graded on a 7 point grading scale rather than the 10 point scale used by the other colleges in the University).

ACT score: 26 (I dont know if this has any bearing on med school or postbacc applications, but it was so lon ago, I would hope not.)

I have also taken, Statistics, Biochemistry, micro biology (and recieved A’s in all of them).

I have been in contact with some of the formal post-bacc programs (ie Bryn Mawr; Groucher) and both said that my undergraduate coursework would NOT keep me from being eligible because It was so long ago. (by the time I enter a post-bacc, my courses will be over 7 years old.) Though I do wonder if my ACT score of 26 would keep me from being competitive. ( I would hope not, the test was taken in 2002…I am certainly not the same student I was then.)

I also have contacted Medical University of the Americas Nevis (in the Caribbean) because they have a pre-med option. It seems like I could definitely get in there. Any thoughts on this program? Should I just try to get into one of the other programs? Bryn Mawr or Groucher?

Or, should I just enroll at a local university and take the classes necessary? I am willing to work hard and make as many sacrifices as necessary to achieve the goal.

Looking at my record of academics, clinical experience as an RN in the ER, and current mission work, what do you guys think? Any thoughts on the formal post-bacc vs university classes vs MUA options? Would love to have an outside opinion.

Would my chances be decent of entering at Bryn Mawr (the advantage of the formal post-bac would be the linkage and saving a year of time.)


Welcome. Don’t forget to take time out to enjoy the sights, and smell the flowers as you embark on this trip.

I’m also relatively new to this site, but I love reading these posts. Although my opinion should not be taken too heavily, as I’m only starting pre-med classes in January, I would say that you’re starting in a very good position. I live in West Chester, PA, so the West Chester U program makes a lot of sense for me (logistically, financially, etc.), but Bryn Mawr is an EXCELLENT program, and I’d highly recommend it if you can get in. I would think your chances are very good. They accept about 75 students out of 450 or so applications, so it’s pretty competitive, but they seem to really look heavily on commitment to the field. Your work (full time!) in missions is very impressive and I should think it will help a lot for the post-bac application, as well as for med school.

I would have liked to go through Bryn Mawr or UPenn for the pre-med work, but as I said, West Chester makes the most sense for me. Bryn Mawr has a very strong placement rate and linkages with about 10-15 or so schools.

All in all, I’d say you’re starting off on the right foot with the things you’re considering, and your work history should really help you tell your story. That’s my 2 cents. Good luck!