New here- need some future advice


I’m graduating this upcoming May, and I wanted some advice on what I can do to strengthen my application for the future.

I’m at a Top 10 public university currently, but mostly due to family relation issues I’ve been working 3 jobs and dealing with depression the last couple of years. I don’t want to create any excuses, just trying to look forward and improve myself.

I will graduate with a 2.36gpa, I can fairly say that since this semester most of my grades are pretty settled by now, and I’m doing well and am focused on performing well. I’m not sure what the next step for me should be: DIY post-bacc, an SMP, etc. I have taken most of the pre-requisites.

I haven’t taken the MCAT yet, mostly because I’ve been discouraged, but I’m starting to get more motivated and plan on taking it within the next 2 years.

I work at Planned Parenthood and really enjoy what I do; reproductive rights are a very important issue to me, especially in this political climate. My goal is to be a OB/GYN, and provide care and choice to women. I am also doing research currently but not really in a lab that I enjoy. I am in the process of interviewing for research volunteer positions in reproductive biology labs.

You sound exactly like me!!! I am a nontrad myself as opposed to you will be graduating very soon. I will be planning to volunteer at Planned Parenthood but I need to afford the gas to and from… it’s in Honolulu and I reside 20 or so miles away. I currently work two jobs thinking of three jobs (since my 2nd job is tutoring and students tend to disappear over the summer so the income is not steady) and I want to get rid of my immediate debt. Most of my debt is from helping my mom with bills and from me moving back home. I have a strong passion for reproductive medicine but I also need to take care of myself.

Currently, I suggest you can focus on working and saving money before you go back to school. Do you have the financial means to just focus on school? Or you will be working and going to school as well?

If you will be working, fit in a DIY post bacc because you can fit in your work with your volunteer much easier.

If you can afford to just go to school, apply for SMP or formal Post Baccs.

Just like you, I haven’t taken the MCAT nor have I set aside time to study. I just need to rid myself of my debt. I am 28 turning 29 in August… Im getting impatient as I know that my ECs are becoming farther and farther away and will have to take on an EC to be current. I also have to retake my four core courses (gen chem, gen ochem, gen bio and gen physics). We should definitely be each other’st study partners! I feel we can motivate each other.

I don’t know how to private message you but let me know if you’d like to set up a timeline and study session together =)