New Here

Hello everyone! I am new here and found this site after doing a litte research. I have chosen to pursue medical school after going through a really diffcult time medically. I am going back to school to get certified as a Cardio Care Associate so that I can get clinial experience. I am not sure if I should go to a post bac program or just take the classes on my own. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I guess that is all for now, and best of luck to everyone!!

Welcome to OPM! I think that people differ on their opinion in terms of whether to do a formal post bac or just take the classes on your own. For me it was far cheaper and allowed me to continue to work to take the needed pre reqs at a local state school on my own. However if you need the guidance, structure, mcat prep, and gpa repair of a formal program it may be best for you to pursue this. Have you taken any pre reqs? Do you have a bachelors? If so what is your gpa? Again welcome and good luck, please keep us posted!

Yes I have a BA 3.0, also I went back to school for a certification 4.0, but I think you are right about cost. It is much cheaper for me to stay in the area because there are no Post Bac pre med programs in SC so I may just do it myself. Thank you!