new kid!!

Hi I think I posted earlier in the wrong forum.Sorry about that! ohmy.gif
One more question.
If there is not a post-bacc probram where you live how do you go about “creating” a program of classes to get the most benefit for your app? I will hopefully have completed my degree along with all of my pre-reqs but how do you apply to those core classes that prove you can handle the med school work? The only programs i have found so far are the ones tailored for students who have completed their degrees but not the pre-reqs. are there any other programs that will allow me to take post-bacc classes if I have already completed my pre-reqs?? Thanks! (i think I have comfused myself!!) blink.gif i just really need the advice.I know this is old question so any advice would be appreciated.

I already had a degree when I started my prereqs, and I did it without being in a “program”. I just took whatever classes I needed, and I applied to the schools (I took them at 3 schools) as a post-bacc, non-degree seeking. Is that what you mean?

yes, that is what i meant.(Thank you for deciphering my gibberish) smile.gif I was thinking that you had to be in a particular post-bacc program. I was just wondering because it seems like only those formally enrolled in a post bacc program has an opportunity to take a class or two with the pre-med students.I have heard a lot about those classes and that is what I was interested in.
But I am glad to know that perhaps I would be able to take some course on my own.I also read where someone had designed their own program.It sounds familiar with the “interdisciplinary studies” program I scanned on another school website.
Thanx for the info.

I looked up the pre-med prereqs and met with the pre-med advisor (just to get hooked up with volunteer experience, really) and am now taking Chemistry I. I've met several pre-meds in my class already, including in my lab. And I'm having a blast. I have my coursework all planned, and it looks as if budget cuts will allow me to take a little reduced appointment at work to make the scheduling easier (hard to take daytime classes with daytime labs when you work during the day, and none of these darn things is offered at night).
Go for it, you'll have fun!