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My name is Ciara and I am a new member to the site. I am 27 years old and to say the least I have had quite the unconventional upbringing. I home schooled in high school because I showed horses and ended up receiving a GED. The problem is I never took any of the mathematics that I am now required to know to gain acceptance to a four-year university in my area (Iowa). I have fantastic science scores but my math is absolutely awful. I won’t be able to begin my first 4 years of school if I don’t take care of this math deficit. Should I go to a community college to satisfy these requirements? Will medical schools shy away from applicants who have taken community college courses?

I really appreciate any advice I can get!

Hi Ciara!

I showed horses and homeschooled in Hisgschool too! Where in Iowa are you? I live in NE and work in IA. Take the math courses from the CC. You have no other option. do well in those courses and when you can transfer to a 4 year University then transfer. Take your Sciences at the 4 year university. Take you math up through College Algebra at the CC and anything further due at the University. Hope that helps Good luck, and welcome to the site!


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I can only speak from experience in California where the CC system is very closely linked to the state universities, but I did 2 years of CC after high school then transferred to UCLA to finish a BS. With this, good grades, and a high MCAT I was admitted to UCSD School of Medicine. I personally believe that CC only disadvantages you if your best grades are in the CC, but this isn’t based on anything other than opinion. You certainly can’t go back to high school so it seems like a very simple path to take the university pre-reqs at a CC, maybe some other classes and then transfer to a 4-year school where you continue to do extremely well.

Thanks for the advice! I think when it’s all said and done, everyone has to do what they have to do. More important than where I took the initial math courses or prerequisites is the fact that I am DOING it at all. I feel so inspired by the stories here. Every day I feel renewed in my decision. I can’t wait to get started!