New - Need Pre-Med Advising

Hello! Newbie from Texas here:) I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering and have been working in the industry for about 8 years now. After two years of consideration it is now time for me to pursue medical school. I am lacking some science courses and plan to take them at a local two-year college. I need Organic Chemistry I and II as well as biological sciences. Would it be better to go to a university? I don’t believe the two-year college offers pre-med advising and I don’t want to overlook anything. I chose the two-year college because I will be working full-time while knocking out the remaining education requirements and it is located close to my job and offers several evening classes.

The questions have just begun…



From what I have read, although it is not impossible to take your prereqs at a 2-year college, most admissions advisors seem to prefer 4-year schools. But I know that you will find both 2-year students who were admitted and 4-years who weren’t…


While the adcoms will take access to pre-reqs into account, if you have the option of doing them at a 4-yr school it will hold up better on your application. Look around the forums; there’s lots of good advice from OPMs who have navigated this same question.