New Old Pre-med Introduction and Question


I am a post bac student at CU Boulder. My previous career was in civil engineering (8 years) which I enjoyed however wasn’t able to make a contribution to my community. After much thought, I left that career almost a year ago to complete a post bac program and I’m halfway through it now. I have many reasons for leaving that career. Mainly, I want to make a positive impact on my community through unbiased healthcare and to fulfill my need of continuous learning. So far, I have enjoyed the challenges of the post bac coursework.

I listen to the old pre med podcasts frequently and have found a ton of useful information. Some of the questions are catered specifically to a person’s past coursework and GPA. Although the comments provided helpful information, they didn’t fit my scenario and thus why I would like to ask a specific question based on my scenario.

We all have our reasons for sub-par performance so I’ll spare you the details. Below is a table of my GPA from high school running start program through my post bac. My cumulative GPA is low however, there is a definite upward trend. My question… will my low cumulative GPA even make it past the screening process in the AMCAS application service? .

High School (Running Start) 2.89

Freshman 1.83

Sophomore 3.16

Junior 3.24

Senior 3.60

Post Bac 3.95 :mrgreen:

Cumulative 3.07 :shock:

I’m confident my life experiences explain how I am now more prepared than ever to take on the vigorous challenges of med school. I just need to know if I can make it past the screening process???

Any comment is appreciated!

Standard answer to any admissions-related question: It depends.

Schools do things differently from one another, and they set their standards differently from one another. The answer to your question really boils down to a) does the school use a numbers only screen, b), if a is true, what is that number.

I’ve been told that my school has a human look at EVERY application when making a decision of whether or not to extend a secondary application, so those places do exist. Maybe SDN or some other site has a community-gathered data set of what school screens how?

That being said, your undergrad GPA will be shown as one number, and your post-bacc GPA will be shown as another number on your application. Obviously your post-bacc number is amazing, but you also show a pretty strong positive trend + a good spacing between undergrad and post-bacc (so theoretically your more recent number “means” more). What school looks at and/or favors what number is beyond me. Does your program have an adviser that might be able to access some more info about it via AMCAS?

My opinion: you should have a shot at getting into a school, i just couldn’t begin to tell you which ones… I do know that UC-Denver has a really great looking program…

Thank you for the reply,

I have contacted my advisor and have not yet heard back. I hope she has good news for me. I figured this out when I entered my coursework into a GPA calculator in preparation for a committee letter. I didn’t expect it to be that low but I did have a few semesters (early years) where my focus was outside of school. Was hoping to hear some good news from the experts on this site.