New PreMed needs Advice...


I am so glad that this forum exists! I was hoping to seek some advice from those of you who have been accepted to med school.

I’m 36 years old and will be graduating with a BSW in May. I’ve always wanted to become a DO, but my kids were young. Now that they’re older, I would like to take my prerequisite coursework and apply to DO school.

My concern is that I do not have a premed advisor and I am looking to take my prereqs at a community college. I will need at least the next year–2010/2011–to get my prereqs done. At what point do I start applying and when should I take the MCATs?

My GPA is currently a 4.0, but my Associate Degree GPA was a 3.21. If I excel in my science prereqs, will my AA GPA be looked at heavily? Also, what type of volunteer work would be best?

Thank you in advance for your advice! I’m at a loss…

Welcome to Old Pre Meds, you are among Kindred Spirits. First and foremost, relax. You are about to start a marathon and not a sprint. Your coursework will all be put together and your science and non science classes will each be separated to generate 2 GPAs. So there is no need to worry.

As for your timeline, get your pre-reqs done and do well. Only then do you need to think about the MCAT and then applying. If you have not had any of the prereqs and you are taking 1 class at a time, you are looking at 4 years before you apply. But if you are taking multiple classes, it depends on when you get them done. Take the MCAT when you are ready and then apply.

There is no rush.

Thank you for the advice. And, yes, I think I DO need to calm down.

Right now, I think I really need to enroll in a post-baccalaureate program and not do the community college route. I feel that I need to be among like-minded students and not beginning college students.

Hopefully, I will be able to take multiple classes. However,I know that I’m not strong in chemistry, so I will most likely take those in sequence and not try to double up.

“Marathon…not a sprint”…I’m thinking that should be my new mantra! Thanks!

Id like to ad to the remark made by gabelerman concerning the marathon not a sprint. That is one of the most remarkeable quotes i have read in my pursuit for med school> Thank you that one is going to be my slogan of pursuit.