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Hello Everyone. My name is Amy. Currently I am in my second year of school right now to become a Respiratory Therapist, but my goal is to become an MO. I have about 3 years left before I become a RT. Right now I am just working part-time to get all my pre-request out of the way. After I start work as an RT, I plan on going back to school part time till I have my BS degree. (Still don’t know what type of BS degree to get any ideas?) Then if all goes wells I can start medical school shortly after that. I have a wonderful husband who is prepared to accept the additional responsibilities.

I know that I will have a large amount of student debt once I have completed everything. I accept this, but would like to know how long it takes the average person to pay off the Medical school debt.



Amy, I’m going to move your post to the pre-med area where you’ll be most likely to be sharing threads with folks who are at a similar point in their pursuit of med school… good luck to you!