New to OldPreMeds

Greetings to everyone!

I am a 37 (soon to be 38) year old emergency room RN who is also an acute care NP and currently in a postmasters program in advanced family nursing. When I did my initial nursing degree it was as a stepping stone to medical school instead of doing the traditional biology, biochemistry or chemistry route. I figured that nursing would be a better major in its own rite. Little did I know that nursing and premed are relatively incompatible.

Long story short, I ended up going the NP route with the intent to go to medical school later but then I started having children and also fell in love with the nursing healthcare philosophy. Also, while doing my clinical rotations I realized that I didn’t love medicine enough to make the necessary family sacrifices to pursue it.

It has now been ten years since finishing my first masters and although this go-round is more rigorous, I find myself being drawn to medicine again–more so for the depth and detail of the training. I find myself hungering for more and more in-depth knowledge outside the scope of advanced nursing. I am enjoying the growth of my healthcare IQ from my current training but I’m still feeling the itch for more. Then I stumbled upon this group and you guys have ramped up that itch!!!

For now, I plan to finish my postmasters and work to pay off some debts as well as to allow my youngest (who is 6) to grow up some more before I take the plunge into medicine if that’s what I end up doing. I’m attracted to osteopathy more than allopathic medicine but my priority is my family and I am limiting myself to schools around my locale. There is one D.O. program and about 3 MD programs within 2 hours of my home. Proximity to family and support systems trumps most other factors for me.

I figure by the time I get back to redoing my premed and then the MCAT my 6 year old should be closer to 10 and then I’ll reevaluate at that point if this is still something I want. It is a want and not a need. Nursing has been quite good to me and I can do a lot of good here and for healthcare in general from where I am with what I have. Plus the pay is pretty good.

Therefore, I may go the DNP route instead but, for now, that does not scratch my knowledge itch like formal medical training would. Either would be satisfactory but I’m sure the medical training would be more satisfactory in terms of its comprehensiveness relative to advanced nursing. I’m also suddenly interested in surgery (ENT especially). I’m not sure why. Either way I intend to go all the way with either nursing or medicine. It might end up being both as I may go the DNP route and, if the itch persists years from now, I may then take the plunge.

Anyway, that’s my OldPreMed saga in a nutshell. Glad to make your acquaintances and look forward to participating here.

Some AdComms may wonder that given the nursing shortage, are they, by training a nurse (let alone an advanced nurse practitioner) to be a doctor, are they taking away a nurse from where it is needed? I think you need to show why being a doctor would allow you to do better or more. You say that you want to do ENT, that would be a reason to go DO/MD in my opinion.

DrKNB I’m no adcom, but I would think that your story is exactly what they look for in ‘older’ applicants.

You have a lot of background, both in the basic sciences and in the clinics. You will have such a leg up that many aspects of our education will be smoother for you. Though the 2 basic science years will likely be the most difficult, you be faster out of the gate during the clinical training.

I have no idea if the medical school will care that they are ‘stealing’ a nurse away.

Wanting ever increasing knowledge and responsibility sounds exactly like what adcoms are looking for in career changers.

Welcome, Kurt! OPM is indeed a wonderful place in terms of resources, encouragement, advice, etc. I hope you stick around and keep us updated on your progress.

Just so you know - there are quite a few nurses on the board who are working on their pre-reqs (and one I know of who just finished her first year of med school), so you’re definitely not alone.

Again, welcome! You are among friends here.

Welcome, Kurt! I hear what you are saying about wanting the more in-depth knowledge that medical school would provide. I can identify! Your background will help quite a bit, I think. I’m glad for my 13 years as an ICU nurse/Cardiac Surgery Preceptor.