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Hello All,

I am a 31 year old mom starting up my pre-med courses again. Yes, I began them in 2001 but dropped out to work full time. Apparently making money back then was more important than being a doctor. That was the most asinine decision I have ever made, however had I not made that decision I would not be as focused and determined as I am today.

I am so happy I found this sight and all of you guys. It was refreshing to stumble up on this sight and get the extra support needed from people going through this same thing!

Have any of you ran into the nay sayers when you decided to embark on this journey. I straight up had an acquaintance tell me how her friend is 24 African American, (like me, as if I am looking or wanting a hand out because of my race) and that she had a nearly 4.0 GPA and yet could not get into medical school so if she could not get in what makes me think I can? MY BLOOD WAS BOILING! I was pissed beyond pissed. First of all the whole bringing up the race thing, like I can’t do well and must hang on the crutch of being black. Secondly the boldness in her question had me wanting to spit in her face, but I smiled. Then I began to quickly throw out statistics of non-traditional pre-meds, that this has been my dream since I was a kid so it was not a decision that I just made overnight, that it could have been her friend’s personal statement, experience or lack there of etc. I just remember going home and crying because it was hurtful but in the same sense I was motivated more than ever. I am tenacious, you tell me I can’t do something I will do everything in my god given power to show you that I can. Anyways, I apologize about the novel, I just had to share and thank everyone for the motivation to keep going.

Welcome and please check your messages!!!

Hello Everyone,

I was totally kidding in my above post. Whilst I was upset, I would never invade someone else’s personal space. It was a poor articulation to describe the level of anger I felt. I apologize if I offended anyone.