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Just wanted to say hello. I am so glad I found this board, I was starting to feel like the only one around in this position! I am female and 33. I have my B.S. in Biology with a minor in physics and an A.S. in Chemistry. I am back in school now with a 4.0 post-bac and my undergrad was a 2.5 ( I was a single mother at a senior military institute in ROTC, worked full time and played NCAA soccer) I have NEVER been the “typical” student, lol. I have already submitted my application for allopathic schools, without knowing my MCAT score, and JUST got my score. I scored WELL below what is required, I have never tested well due to anxiety. I have worked in hospitals and the medical field for sometime and have stellar letters of recommendation. My question is this, does anyone know what my chance of actually getting into medical school is?


Oh I forgot to add that I had surgery twice this summer ( one was emergent) and had to reschedule my MCAT once and took the second one 2 weeks after my emergency surgery.

Well hang in there. This website has a lot of people with great advice. Hopefully one of them will chim in. Keep your head up and focus.


Honestly, it’s impossible to tell what someone’s chances of getting into medical school are just based on numbers. There are some people with stellar stats who don’t get in, some with sub-par stats who do.

That said … while a post-bac GPA of 4.0 is fantastic, the undergrad GPA of 2.5 is problematic. With that undergrad GPA, knocking your MCAT out of the park really would have helped your application. I don’t know what your sGPA vs. cGPA is, or your actual MCAT. But if your MCAT was “WELL” below what is required, that’s not good. Many medical schools actually have MCAT cutoffs, and simply won’t consider applicants below a certain score.

I’m not saying you’re not going to get in. I don’t know your whole story, haven’t seen your application, and don’t know all your stats. I don’t know where you’ve applied. But if you don’t get in this cycle, and want to try again next cycle, I think the most important thing for you to do is figure out why you did not do well on the MCAT and fix that. A good MCAT score would go a long way to balance out that undergrad GPA, in my opinion.

One question - why didn’t you apply DO? With your post-bac grades, surely the AACOMAS grade replacement would help your GPA some?


Your chances are ZERO if you don’t apply, and greater than ZERO if you do apply! So work hard and apply!

Numbers are only a small portion of your application. Your story is a big part of it - and it sounds like you have a good one!

Keep pushing!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, ADCOMs view the MCAT as the most accurate predictor of how a student will do in medical school. It’s not fair and it’s not always correct, but it is what it is.

You had some tough extenuating circumstances that you can overcome on a retake if you don’t get in this year. Obviously you have the basic science knowledge and ability to synthesize the material. Find a way to reign in the test taking anxiety though so it doesn’t become debilitating. Standardized tests that make or break you will be part of life from now on. Even after all these years I get sweaty palms, and my next board recertification is still two years away!

Hang in there…