New to this site

Hey everyone. I just signed on to this site. I’m a 23 and I’m a paramedic in Arizona. About two months ago I decided I wanted to become a doctor. I didn’t go looking for it, it unconsciously found me. I’ve just been readmitted to ASU(left after freshman year) and I’m only about three basic science classes away from the upperlever classes for a B.S. in biology.
I have something that’s been eating me. I’m one of many underachievers who could’ve easilly gotten A’s if only I would’ve tried a little harder. So I have some things to make up for. Any tips on catching up as a student?

Dr. Basch;
Welcome to OPM! You will find that you are surrounded by folks with similar dreams & backgrounds - hopefully, we can supply valuable insight & support for you.
How long have you been out of college?
How bad are those original Ugrad grades?
Successful catch is essentially arranging your life & priorities such that you maxinize your opportunity to make the best grades you are capable of receiving - period. If you can land straight A’s, then by all means you should do so. However, if you are like most, then straight A’s are not a realistic aspiration & to set that as a goal will only serve to frustrate & discourage you. Your academic goal should simply be to do as well as you are capable of doing.
That will entail a rearranging of work & life to facilitate this. And, as nontrads, we frequently encounter more of life’s “stuff” than our younger cohorts. But, that is not insurmountable. It requires being or becoming facile in the art of balancing multiple demanding obligations: school, work (paying bills) & personal life.
Do not allow yourself to get sucked into the rush - the self-imposed pressure of having to apply by a certain age for fear of being rejected for being too old. There are multiple reasons people impose rigid, unsubstantiable deadlines on themselves. Avoid this at all costs because it can only serve to diminish the pleasure & degrade your academic performance.
This is a very long & challenging journey. But, remember that you are supposed to enjoy it. If there is no joy or you are miserable - it may be time to reconsider your path.

I graduated a CC in July 05. So it will only be a year off school. I had a high C average to overcome. I’m focused on straigh A’s. I can’t wait to start the process, no matter how hard it is. This thing found me, I didn’t originally want to be a doctor at all.