New York Area Post-Bacc Programs

Hi everyone, I’ve been searching the forums to get a sense of post-bacc programs in the New York area. Wanted to know if there’s anyone out there that can share their experiences. I’m going to be attending info sessions at Hunter and NYU. Unfortunately Columbia probably won’t let me apply since I was pre-med during undergrad and they’d consider me as someone looking for enrichment instead of a career changer (even though that was ten years ago - I may still check it out).

Ideally, I’d like to apply for Fall 2013 and keep working at my job, which I think will be flexible enough. I’m definitely willing to quit if I feel I can’t handle it. So I’m also wondering if any of you have specific experience as to working and attending either the Hunter or NYU programs.


Hunter application deadline is very soon FYI. cc…

Hi dnelsen,

Thanks! I’ve got it filled out and ready to go. Will be going to the info session tomorrow for some questions I have. I’ve also heard some nightmares about Hunter and actually getting into the classes you want. Which is why I’m considering NYU.

People in the official postbacc program have priority registration so getting into the classes you need is not a huge issue. It can come into play if you need specific times or want a popular professor. Personally, I never had a problem although that is just one person’s perspective.

I would say that at Hunter you need to forge your own. If you really want to get something done, you’re going to have to do it yourself. This sort of makes sense in terms of cost as the price per credit is like 25% of NYU/Columbia.

Are you re-taking classes or doing upper levels?

I’ll have to end up retaking classes as I graduated from college in 2004. I did do well in my bio classes, and did well my freshman and sophomore year. But third and fourth year I kind of fell under the radar and got C’s for the most part. I’d feel more comfortable retaking most of the classes.

Definitely wasn’t aware of the priority registration for post bacc students at Hunter, so that’s a positive. The only issue I guess is that I’d like to start out with evening classes the first semester, or maybe even the first year, depending on what program I get into.

Intro biology lecture is only offered in the evenings so that is a plus. I believe there is a night-time physics, orgo and possible gen chem class. So if you are retaking your core prereqs there are options.

The below link is your best bet for scouting that all out: g/Sec…

I know the infosession person well and she is pretty on top of things so feel free to ask her these sorts of questions.

Thanks!! This is really helpful dnelsen!