Newbee Intro ?

Hello all. I’m so glad to stumble upon this site. Great for support. My story is I’m a 38 yr. old father of 3 daughters. I was released from my sr. securities analyst job back in May (16 yrs. business exp). I hold a BBA in Finance, MBA, and the CFA designation, but you know what? I want to be a doctor. Sound familar? Seriously, thought about going back for med school about 10 yrs ago, but lacked confidence, patience, and worried about money. So I got my MBA instead (company covered that one). Now I feel like I’m centuries behind in reaching my career goal, starting all over again, etc. The in-laws probably think I’m a lost soul of sorts (my relatives have past on). However, life is too short, right? Anyway, started taking the prereq stuff this fall. I know the road is long and several hurdles await, but feel like this is where I belong, today anyway . All of it reminds me of when I was trying to qualify for the Boston marathon. I plan to take the MCAT next fall and taking O-chem next summer if still offered (last prereq class). Please advise when I should start the application process? I’m going to ask addmissions this as well, but just wanted your opinion as well. Thanks for your help.


Have you started your personal statement? Nothing like knocking that out now and refining over the next year.

How about writing on topics that could appear in secondary applications?

Thanks for the advice. As far as the personal statement, yes, after months of reflection I’ve realized that it’s my mother’s premature death that leads me towards an interest in oncology. However, I’m an athlete as well and sports medicine is also a major interest. Both are more related than what most think. I have some main themes, but haven’t put them on paper yet. Sure, my first story is more compelling, but I don’t want to use my mother’s death as some sob story pass. But I’d really like to crush cancer. Major driver.

i am in same boat. don’t let weak minded in-laws or others try to bring you down. only advice i can give you is: don’t set yourself up for failure. by that i mean, don’t take organic, physics and bio at the same time, since you been away from school for a while. digest the courses in manageable chunks, even if it means spending more time.