Newbie looking for realistic advice

I have decided I want to go to medical school. Most likely DO.

Here is my situation: 31 years old, 2 more years to get my BA and pre-reqs part time. Overall GPA looks like it will be about 3.4, science 3.6. I had a lot of fails from when I dropped out of college a decade ago, which mess up the GPA… stupid of me, but it’s in the past. Will take MCATs next year, assuming I will do well, as I always do well on standardized tests. I have very little volunteer experience. I don’t have time to get more as I work full time, take 9 credit hours, and have a wife and child. I have been a paramedic/firefighter for the last 7 years though, which I am hoping is interesting enough to help.

Basically the question is: should I even bother?

If I do bother, any advice?


looks like you already think no, so the answer will probably be no.

always bother. can you live with not trying? do a search through here about families. financially supporting your family may be your biggest issue. depending on the school you want to go to your gpa may get you the interview. how bad do you want it and how much is your family willing to sacrifice?

Okay, good point. I guess in reality I was just hoping for somebody to say something like ‘well, we’ve seen people with worse situations get in, and here is how they did it…’ something like that. Which means I should have just asked for that… oh well. Thanks for your imput Kimberly, it helped.

Hi all,I’m in the same boat! Actually, as of today, after some serious soul searching and “why do you want to go to medical school” essays and the like, the D.O. path is the next step I wanna take. Already have my B.S. in business, M.S. in Information and Communication Sciences, currently at a community college pursuing a dietetics degree, but found it lacking in being able to support my dream of working further in my community in a much more impactful way. Just joined the site, will poke around before asking any questions (as they might have already been answered). Father of 1, one on the way (March 20). Wife is on board, she knows how insatiably intellectually curious I am!

With the caveat that I’m just starting this path and don’t really know what I’m talking about. . .I wouldn’t see what’s stopping you.

If your GPA is that high with failing grades in the distant path, that must show you can do the work (since you’ve obviously turned it around). And I am not certain, but my guess is working as a paramedic blows away most volunteer experience.

Work your way around the site a bit - you will see some amazing stories.

My mantra, thanks to a cycling friend:

“If you don’t ask, they can’t say ‘yes.’”