Newbie needs help!!

Hi there! I’m new around here and have a few questions…

I graduated in 2003 from UCSD with a major in history and minor in biology. I’ve been working for the past 6 years as a project manager. I more than likely will be laid off in December and figure it’s the perfect opportunity to FINALLY take a shot at med school. GPA isn’t great (including pre-med req). I’m wondering what my best options are 1) post-bac, 2) re-do coursework at cc, 3) re-do coursework at 4 yr uni or what??? I’m confused and in desperate need of help!!!

I am in the same boat. I have a BS in EE and discontinued MSEE to take up a job in business consulting, medicine ha always been passion and decided to pursue it. I don’t have a good GPA as well. After reading a lot of posts on this forum for the last one week, this is what I understood:

Medical schools do not consider cc as competitive enough. Take premed from a four yr school. You can take formal post-bacc or an informal one where you pick and choose the courses from what the school offers in the concerned science departments. As for I have decided to take two courses this spring at a cc and apply to a formal post-bacc program in fall 2010.

Dig through the archives and you will find more information.

It also depends on how well you did in your biology minor courses. You may not need to retake all.

You also have to consider the MCAT. in my opinion, retaking courses in order to prepare for the MCAT is not the best use of your resources in terms of time, cost, effort. When I advise people that taking an MCAT prep class should be considered a required piece of coursework. My Rule 6: “The MCAT Is Your Friend” is important older, non-trads, who may have some “grade baggage.” It gives you a chance to shine in your “current” knowledge. A 2007 survey found over 75% of allopathic schools rank MCAT as the 1st or 2nd most important factor when considering applicants.

How true is this? I have heard conflicting reports on taking sciences at a communiy college.

Medical schools do not consider cc as competitive enough

This has been discussed multiple times on these forums. If you do a search you will see hundreds of postings on this subject. The best thing is to contact the med schools in which you’re interested to get their opinions. You will find exceptions to any rule, but generally speaking your coursework should be completed at a 4 year university, especially if you are wanting to go the MD vs DO route (DO schools are more forgiving of doing things differently).

Again, do a search on the forum to read hundreds of postings on the subject and contact the schools where you plan on applying to get an understanding of their requirements.

Best to all regardless of where you are in the process!

I have not really analyzed it – but my personnal experience supports the above. My grades were ok - but overall not top notch-- No valdictorian here… Not classic med student material –

But I did do well on MCAT – the rest is history

thomasfx10 read this…