Newbie Questions - Support and a Study Plan

Hey Yall!!

I am a 29 y.o. pharmacist who has decided to go to med school. It crossed my mind several times in pharmacy school but wanted to simmer on it a few years. I like pharmacy but I feel as if I have a calling to do more and be more involved with patient care. So, another journey begins!

I am gradually telling friends and family of my decision but am hesitant to tell all of my family yet. I am not married and have no children. I think some of the fam is wondering when I’m going to settle down and have some lil pharmacists or that one graduate degree should be enough. Honestly, pharmacy school just sparked an interest I never knew was there. It also made me see the potential in myself. I’ve spent a few years out of school and working and still feel very passionate becoming a physician. Did anyone else have concerns about family support or get any baffled looks from family? How was your decision to go to med school received? So far I have told some folks who are super supportive but still kinda worried about a few…

Also, I have begun studying for the MCAT and plan to take the Kaplan course within the coming months. Currently, I have the Kaplan Comprehensive Review and old college textbooks to review. I do have to work full time, but definitely want to make time for enough studying. I think Kaplan courses will help, but does anyone else have any other advice for me? What other study tips do yall have for full time workers?

Thanks for reading all this! I am very excited about the forums here! Hope yall have a great weekend!

Best, SF

Welcome to the madhouse!

I was very hesitant about telling my family, but after a few questions they were very, very supportive and my mom is still my biggest cheerleader. Have your plan well in place before you break the story, and give them a chance to adjust.

I used the ExamKrackers books and the AMCAS practice tests to prep for the MCAT. EK has a study schedule on their Web site. It is challenging, but doable for a full-time worker.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Best of luck!

I was very hesitant to tell my mom, particularly, thinking that she would see it as unrealistic and feel I had already done enough with my master’s degree.

Couldn’t have been more wrong. Her first response was a definitive “Good!” and she has continued to be extremely supportive and encouraging. Perhaps one’s family sometimes sees the potential there as well (I like to think) so it may not come as so much of a shock as one thinks!)

I’m assuming you have all the necessary prerequisites – have you checked the web sites of some of the schools you are interested in? Also, you want to be in a good financial position at the beginning - as you will likely need to get some private and federal loans to finance this and want to be caught up with any student loans and have a good credit rating. Just a “housekeeping” detail that can be pretty important. Your background will certainly help once you are IN medical school --wishing I had a lot more pharm than I do.


Thank you both!!

@samenewme – the EK schedule looks very doable for my schedule… I didn’t know it was there! Thanks a bunch! Definitely getting the plan together before I tell everyone!

@Kate429 – I am definitely already looking at potential school and have all the pre-reqs although I am concerned some may be too old. I think I may have to contact individual programs to make sure all the classes are recent enough. I have considered taking some refresher courses like Anatomy and Phys (might help with reference letters too). I haven’t made concrete plans for that yet, but on my mind. As for my financial situation, I am in the process of paying all debt (credit card, vehicle, etc) and will have a FICO score well over 700. I have student loan debt from my pharm degree but am already looking at how to deal with it as that may be the only debt I have at the start of school – little nervous but hoping for the best. Thanks so much for mentioning the financial stuff – I was worried I was thinking about it too much!

Thanks again both of yall!

I was quite concerned that my parents would not be supportive of my plans for med school due to the stresses it would place on my family (husband and four kids), especially as my parents have VERY traditional family values (high value on being a stay at home mom, etc). I had discussed “eventual” plans to get my nurse practitioner degree once the kids were out of school, but med school in the near future with all kids still home?

That said, I was somewhat taken aback (yet pleased) by their instant response when I did tell them: “We were wondering when you were finally going to do it.” I think Kate has a point about those close to you knowing you better than you sometimes give them credit for. Your parents/family may or may not be supportive, but you won’t know till you tell them. And, if YOU know what you want, then you’ll be better able to answer their concerns honestly.

Good luck! (I’m still working on the study plan issue myself - scheduled for May 24th MCAT).