Just wanted to say I am a newbie to this site and SO glad I found it! As pre-meds we tend to be highly competitive and it’s hard to talk to your other pre-med classmates about issues their having. I’m about a year shy of taking my MCAT and applying to med school. Curently taking organic chemistry and boy is it kicking my butt, but I’m determined to not let it eat my lunch. Well, just wanted to say hi!

Welcome! I am fairly new, too, but I have found that on this site, people are happy to share information.

I am from Seattle. 39, married, 2 small kids, small business owner. I am just starting to take my first premed class and to start volunteering at a hospital next week.

Volkmar Gaussmann

I feel your pain Tiff. I’m currently taking Organic II and even though I actually enjoy it at times, it’s been impossible for me to get the grades I want in that class… Grr…

Thanks for the info, guys! Good luck in your premed courses–it is so much easier to know we are not alone in this journey!