No Clinical Experience

Hey everybody,

So, for what I’ve been reading, my story is similar to a lot of you guys, but kinda different. I’m from Brazil and I’m 24 years old. I got a bachelor in English and Portuguese in Brazil and in 2015 I moved to Toronto for a post-grad in Marketing Management. My undergrad GPA is 3.3 and I have no clinical experience. My only volunteering experience is in English as a Second Language teacher. I haven’t taken the MCAT yet, but if someone tells me that a high MCAT score would make my chances get higher, I would dedicate myself to it. Do you guys think that I have a shot? I was thinking about applying to some Med Schools here in Toronto for 2018. Or should I just take some courses in the sciences field and get clinical experience before even thinking about it?

Thank you guys, all the best for you =)

Welcome. Few thoughts:

A) it sounds like your degree is from Brazil. At least for US schools, many require at least 90 credit hours at a regionally accredited US institution to apply. As I understand it, there are still a few schools out there that accept international applicants, but I’m not sure about their specific requirements.

B) you can get “clinical experience” via shadowing, so you don’t necessarily need medical volunteering or paid work. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get clinical experience earlier than later to give you a better idea as to what you’re wanting to get yourself into.

C) there are quite a few US schools that got rid of any specific pre-reqs. However, basic science courses are fundamental to learning the material that is tested in the MCAT. You could theoretically learn it all by yourself or through some test prep companies.

D) a higher MCAT will make you more competitive. That being said, it will not makeup for an otherwise lackluster application. I’m not saying yours would be, just in general.

E) you can definitely do everything you’re wanting to do simultaneously. It doesn’t have to be a “do this, then do this” approach. Especially if you want to apply for entry in 2018, you need to get a jump on things now.

F) all that being said, you should definitely look up the general requirements for US and Canadian schools and see if you fit the criteria or what you would need to do to be eligible.