No science background, super non-trad, clueless, looking for advice!

TL;DR: Haven’t taken a science class since high school, go to college abroad at a school that doesn’t offer science classes, wondering how to get prereqs done and clinical/volunteer experience. Looking for any & all advice!

Hi everyone!

So I’m currently a junior in college studying International Relations. Literally haven’t taken a science class since my sophomore year of high school and my college doesn’t offer any science classes whatsoever. My college is also in Spain, but I’m American. I don’t know how international applicants are treated but I’m sure it’s different than someone who matriculated in the US.

So, basically, I’ve recently realized that I want to go into medicine, after a lifetime of thinking I suck at math and science, and I have NO idea how to get started preparing for this process or even if I would actually be capable.

Here’s what I’m planning on doing so far: I’ve applied to volunteer at my local hospital this summer, as well as a family planning place, and I’m getting certified as a doula & hoping to volunteer as one this summer and during my senior year (I’m interested in being a doula bc I’m obsessed with birth and - I know this is naive - but I’m really interested in going into OB/GYN).

I’m also looking into volunteering in hospice and at a local women’s shelter. I live in a place with limited resources and I don’t think it would be possible for me to volunteer here in Spain. I’m going to stay home and do online classes next semester so I can volunteer and hopefully shadow then.

Basically, I’m looking for ANY advice. Should I take prereq classes over the summer? Does community college for prereqs look bad? Should I wait to take those classes and apply for a post bacc when I graduate next year? I’m so lost and worried that I won’t be able to get enough done to apply to med school in the next few years.

Sorry to ramble for so long. What do you guys think? I’m super lost and just in need of some advice.