No Secondary, no LOR??

I just received a memo (snail-mail) from one of the schools I applied to.
This is one of those form letters with boxes that can be checked off, letting you know that your application is complete or if-and-what your still missing.
My letter had checked off that my application has already been reviewed by the admissions committee, and that they are now waiting for the MCAT scores. But get this, I did not get an invite to fill in a secondary or to send in a check, and it is too early for the LOR to have arrived. So all the admissions committee could do is review my primary from AMCAS. Is this a good thing? Do you think they checked off the wrong box or does this kind of thing happen from time to time?

It is quite possible that they have people who “rate” the rest of the application without knowing the MCAT scores. When they get the MCAT scores they will put that information with the rating for the rest of the app to decide whether or not to offer a secondary. This is a good thing as it will save time when the MCATs arrive, rather than then sending it to the committee for the first time. I can’t say for sure that this is what is happening at the school in question, but I do know that is how some schools do it… although they don’t necessarily say so in form letters they send about the application status.

It's good that the school took the time to drop you a line and let you know your status. Many schools leave applicants waiting, guessing and obsessing. Some even go so far as to even discourage inquiries about your app status!

Thanks for the responses.
I checked a bit more, and yes, the schools does send out a secondary. So either they really liked what was on the primary or it was a mistake. Time will tell.