Non-traditional Friendly Schools

Hi everyone!

I am super excited to be applying (again) this year. But, I want to make sure I apply to schools who are friendly/accepting of non-traditional applicants. I just celebrated my 40th birthday in November, so I know I won’t qualify anymore for some schools. However, I was wondering if any of you have recommendations of schools which will be fair to older applicants.


Case Western Reserve University, and Alfred Einstein Med School at Yehiva University are notably non-trad friendly.


Thanks for that information Licia. I had heard that Albert Einstein requires all required coursework to be done within a specific time frame. Most of my required coursework was done about 20 years ago.

Does anyone know of a good reference document to use to look up this information. I know the MSAR is good for general information, but anything (or websites) which can provide a good detailed summary?


Tulane University currently has a 51 year old 1st year according to their website. Also LSU New Orleans seems to have a very good age range as well.