Non-traditional student needing help:

Hello to all non-trads, my name is Mussa and 39 yrs old. I graduated college in Fall 2009, and I took the old MCAT several times last was sprint 2014. I am current working fulltime as Pharmacy Technician. I have been out of school for almost 12 yrs and forget or don’t know remember most of what I have learned as undergraduate. Now I don’t know where to start because I have been out of school that long. My dream goal is to start medical school in 2023.
My main questions are:
Should I start studying for the MCAT and do you suggest I should take online MCAT course, or work and study with a tutor? Second question is, should take a post-bach which includes some studying for the MCAT?
Any help or advice would be appreciated thank you.

Hello, I see no one has replied to you, so here are my thoughts. I’m in a similar boat, but I’m even older than you! There are some amazing complete courses available online for free. Some even include complete video lectures, problem sets with solutions and exams with solutions. This includes Gen Chem, Gen Bio, and others. I am in a similar situation in that I took all of the pre-reqs (all A’s but never took the MCAT) but it has been a long time and I want to get through the material faster than retaking everything.

So, I am taking the free Gen Chem course from Online Learning Initiative (Carnegie Mellon) and the Gen Bio course from Saylor, which includes lots of video lectures. You could do these and then either study for the MCAT from there, or take some more advanced courses. I spent a LOT of time finding free courses online and am glad to share what I’ve found (MIT has some great ones). I hope that helps and look forward to your thoughts or questions!