Nontraditionals and Art!

Hey guys!

Being an “artist” I am curious if there are any other nontraditional premed/med student artists on the board that would be willing to share and talk about their work! Writing, painting, drawing, photo, digital media, graphic design, I would love to see anything and everything that you guys might have! Any art will do, old, new, good, bad!

I made my own avatar with the snail joke.

A snail goes to a car dealer and says he wants to buy a car. He also says that he doesn’t just want any car, he wants a fast car. “I am sick and tired of everyone calling me a slowpoke!”

The dealer leads to a nice looking car. It’s a 300 Z. The snails says that he will take with one condition-change the Z to an S-so that everyone knows a snail is driving the car.

The snail pays the car dealer, gets in the car and drives off. He then gets on the highway and passes many cars with everyone saying, “Wow! Look at that S-car Go!”

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"Wow! Look at that S-car Go!"

I think the last person that tried to be punny on here was banned!!!

Actually, this is one of my "go to" jokes as well.

Along with this:

What did one mushroom say to the other?

"You know pal, you're a real fun guy!"



Obviously word play is not high on the list of artforms OPMers participate in. One of the sheep in a nearby field was walking by the window while I was reading those posts and he agreed. ‘Baaad.’

I’ve been an Artist every since I can remember, and I consider the road ahead to be a continuation of that creative journey.

I am a tattoo artist, and a painter. I don’t know how to download a photo, although I’d love to share some of my work with you guys!

Great Idea Indie!

Incidentally, I also count myself among the artist crew. I’m not a visual artist, I have a Master of Music degree in vocal performance, a Bachelor of Music, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in theatre.

It’s been pointed out here in the past, and I wholeheartedly agree. I believe that creativity is necessary to achieve any measure of success. It seems that we as a society have strayed from the idea of a true “renaissance man/woman”.

Okay, eagleeye and radardenny, your both banned for attempted humor in the 3rd degree (noticed I said attempted). Didn’t you two see the “NO JOKING” sign posted clearly. Remember tampering with or disabling the forum joke detector is forbidden by FAA. Now please make sure your seat backs are straightened and tray tables are in the stowed and locked position. Can you tell I have been traveling too much? In fact I just flew in from Vegas. Boy are my arms tired! But seriously folks, I just flew in on Virgin America and got a free upgrade to business class where I got free drinks and free movies. Best flight I had in years, who knew a virgin could be so satisfying?

On the extensive entertainment system included many original cast recordings of Broadway shows so I got to relive my youth of trying to be an actor. Even after 4 years of voice and dance, getting a role was 100 times harder than getting into medical school. I have been singing and attempting to dance to “A Chorus Line” since the flight last week. To paraphrase a song from that show, I am sure I was “Sing 10, Dance 3”

BTW radardenny, one of the recruiters from LECOM has a PhD in music (voice). Great baritone

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BTW radardenny, one of the recruiters from LECOM has a PhD in music (voice). Great baritone

Nice! I'm a tenor, hopefully he wouldn't hold that against me!

One thing I wonder about is the ability of us Artists to continue our creativity through Med School and beyond.

Are there any creatives out there who have made it to the medical doctor promised land, and kept their creative pursuits in tact?

Or should we artistic types just accept that those fruits will be left to wither on the vine, so to speak…?

I don’t know about MDs, but one of the RNs I work with is a phenomenal artist. She still works full time as a (great) nurse, but her art is obviously important to her.

About the only creative stuff I have done is cake decorating (amateur…but I’ve done some fun things, including a couple of wedding cakes that turned out well) and crochet (using patterns)…and I don’t do these regularly any more. Actually, I gave myself carpal tunnel from crocheting 40 hours a week when I was on bedrest with my youngest, so that puts a crimp on things. I am not “creative” in the typical artistic sense, but I still feel that my flexibility and ability to adapt to change is due to creative abilities of a different sort.

I guess part of what I’m saying is that even if your artistic pursuits change somewhat due to time constraints, creativity has many, many outlets (even in medicine).Anyways, just my musings on the subject.

sevenwheels -

just a note - carpal tunnel often flares up during pregnancy due to the added fluid retention from the hormonal changes of pregnancy. You might be just fine crocheting now…just a thought.

My carpal tunnel completely stopped me playing violin (or sewing) during pregnancy, but I can do quite a bit of both before going numb now.

Re creative pursuits…If you have some right-brained, creative bent, the unrelenting left-brained activity of med school studying will ( in my experience) build up an everincreasing need for some right-brained activity. I wrote a lot of poetry and some fiction in midwifery school. So far in med school, it’s more expressing itself in playing guitar or violin. Not for long, but very needed. I have a friend who paints (some really great work) and writes fiction (a zombie novel) between systems…so I’d say creative endeavor will continue in spurts, but with probably much less time devoted to it.


Back that car up sevenwheels,

I would say that cake decorating is an art. And obviously I’m allowed to say that because of my degree ;). No need to discount your skills! It takes an eye and skill to do it well. Just because you do something that isn’t in a gallery somewhere (YET!) doesn’t mean it’s not an art.


I feel like much of my art in the past has been used as a way of expressing my current feelings, the cathartic effects that you derive from it can be very helpful in coping or expressing the way that you feel. So with the amount of stress in the future, I feel like we will find time to express our contents, and discontents, in a healthy and creative manner.

Also, if regards to singing, in High school I was the VP of the top choir and in charge of the school’s barbershop quartet. Bass ( or as I liked to call it Bassitone because we basically had to sing both parts in HS) representing right here! I think we should start a OPM group IMO.

Ok…I can’t imagine a life without singing. Granted, once I go to medical school, the way I do that may change a bit. I may not be actively touring for awhile. Any new stuff I write may not get into a producible form for awhile (meaning, nothing new on iTunes for a few years…) I might not even be operating in any kind of official capacity whatsoever (it pains me to say that…)

But I will still sing. Singers sing. Writers write. Painters paint. etc… Going to medical school and adopting the crazy, chaotic schedule that we must doesn’t mean that creativity just ceases to exist. If it doesn’t come out somehow, I’m simply not healthy. Med school might prohibit any touring or large venue stuff–that is, the display of the creative product–but it won’t stop the creative process itself.

So I don’t know what form it will take–but it will definitely happen. And I’m willing to bet that’s not just me.

No worries, artists…that side of your brain isn’t going anywhere.

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But I will still sing. Singers sing. Writers write. Painters paint. etc...

Amen to that, Carrie! I still sing incessantly. I sing in my car usually. I have a few different pieces that I run through. I've recently been working on my Messiah arias. I also have a Schumann song cycle that I will sing through every couple of weeks, as well as various arias.

This is why Nashville becomes more and more appealing to me. I really want to do research while I am in school with professional voice users. My ultimate goal is Otorhinolarnygology (emphasis on the laryngology).

Vandy has AMAZING doctors that help with vocal issues… very cool center for that!

I love the Nashville culture, and it really is a small circle. It seems that I’m always about 2 or 3 people away from a writer, producer, or performer who I really respect or admire.

Honestly, Memphis or Austin have far better live music scenes, but Nashville is definitely the place to be for tour planning, gearheads, producers, merchandising, and WRITERs… (unless you are willing to live in LA).

The thing I love the most is meeting people who love to create for the sake of creating, no matter how famous they are. People who have won grammys, Dove awards, etc. but that still want to work on your project because it’s interesting or fun in some way to them. You find yourself asking, “You worked with the BEATLES…WHY are you mastering my CD???” and yet they just do…

It’s a fantastic town!!! Come on down!!

In the realm of art, singing, comedy and medicine, I give you the below which is song and performed by the author of the text mentioned towards the end.

Link I am the very model of Psychopharmacologist

Haha, DSM IV-icle! Hilarious!

There’s nothing quite like a psychopharmacological patter song. This is brilliant!

Are you tattooed yourself Artman? I have often wondered how my full sleeves would be viewed by admissions boards…

Hey, great to see this. I have a huge creative side as well, and one of my huge concerns with going into medicine is that it would stifle this desire for right brained expression. How do you deal with this (or do you find it a factor)?

I find it doesn’t stifle the desire for right brained expression - it ramps it up! but you have little time so eventually you are compelled to do something right-brained!