Noob Here - Just Saying "HI"

Hello All!

Just quickly introducing myself here. I am a 31 year old (which doesn’t feel at all old to me, but apparently it definitely makes me an “old (possible) pre-med”… I am just at the very beginning of starting down this path and at this point I’m not even 100% certain that my path will ultimately lead to medical school.

A little about my background… I am a librarian (hence the name) with a master’s degree in library science, my bachelor’s degree was in theatre with a minor in music. I am coming back to hard science to scratch an itch and possibly reverse a regret I have had simmering in my head for almost a decade now. (“Psychological dermatitis” as I described it to a friend the other day)… See from fourth grade through junior year of high school my plan had been to pursue medical school in hopes of becoming a neurologist. I had even visited some colleges to check out their biochem programs before changing my mind at the last minute. It was a decision I regretted as soon as I took my gen ed bio class in undergrad but at the time felt I had invested too much time and energy (not to mention having performance scholarships riding on) in my performing art courses to switch tracks at that point. So I finished my theatre degree knowing that I would likely pursue a masters degree. I was accepted into MBA and MFA programs before ultimately deciding on an MLIS. I LOVE my job as a children’s librarian, but my favorite parts of my job are encouraging the cognitive development of the 0-5 year olds that come to storytime (and researching how their brains are developing in order to apply that knowledge to improved programming) and leading the after-school STEM program for the elementary students.

I am not sure that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, or that I would even be successful in more hard science coursework in order to go to medical school - but I have decided to go ahead and start taking classes towards the pre-requisites I would need in order to even apply for medical school and see how it goes. If I do well and enjoy it then I’ll take more. If I do well and enjoy those then I will take still more and start studying for the MCAT in hopes to apply for admission by the age of 35 or 36. Or I may just take those classes and decide to pursue a hard-science degree, science education degree or simply apply them to my current job… who knows! But I have been encouraged by many friends that they think I can absolutely go all the way to medical school if I decide I want to.

So that’s me! Hope to learn more from others walking down a similar road over the next few years.

I’m not knowledgeable enough to give any advice, so I’ll just say “Good luck!”. :slight_smile:

Welcome! You sound like you have a great attitude about your journey to medical school. This forum is a wonderful resource so if you have any questions it is a great place to get some answers. I hope you’ll keep us all updated as you progress. Good luck to you on your journey!