Not getting A's, should I drop all classes completely?

As I’ve posted before, besides blanking out on tests and forgettin things, my other big problem is that I keep missing A’s, and only get B’s and a few C’s. Not good enough grades to get into MS.

Most recently, I just got back my physics take-home exam, and I did terribly. The instructor only awarded points if a problem was 100% correct, so if you did anything wrong, then you don’t get any points. So I essentially failed the exam; I got a B on the first exam, so there is no way I can get the A.

In immunology, I got a high C on the first test, and a low B on the second exam. But with only one exam to go (the final), there is no way I can get the 90% I need to get an A.

The fact is that the more B’s I get, the lower my GPA gets, and it is already not competitive as it stands.

Should I drop every class? I would be getting W’s for each class I drop. I would be dropping 3 classes, so 3 W’s.

The only good news is that as I mentioned earlier, I’ve changed my study habits so that I study before sleeping instead of after. That seemed to help me on the second immuno exam; the physics test was some bizarre fluke. But then I’ve had so much ill luck.

So, should I drop to preserve my meager GPA, or will it look bad? Do 3 W’s look better than 3 B’s. My school does limit the number of drops which lead to W’s.

I forgot to mention that 1) I am taking the genetics course for the second time and, unfortunately, got 2 D’s on the 1st and 2nd tests. 3rd test is Thursday.

If I drop this course, I don’t know if I can retake it for the 3rd time. There is a new rule at my university that you can only repeat class twice, and this is the second time I’ve taken it.

If I ace the next two tests (not likely), the best I could get would be a B, most likely a C. But I got a C the first time I too the course.

This happened to me when I retook biochemistry part II, I got C the 1st time I took the course, and then a C the 2nd time I took the course. I cannot retake the course any more under new rules effective this semester.

Is it possible that I’m just not that smart anymore? During undergrad I back, I was getting A+‘s, now I can’ even get A’s.

To make matters worse, my school does not give plus or minus grades. If you miss an A, you get a B. There is NO A-, nor B+. I’ve missed A’s so many times that I would have many grades equivalent to B+'s, and my GPA would be higher.

If I can offer some advice. I am just about to get my BS and now I need to take my sciences (BIO1,2/Chem1,2/ORG1,2/PY S1,2). I will be taking only two of them at a time … I am shooting for the highest GPA as possible that is why I am sticking to two at a time.

I am starting with Gen. Chem and Bio.1. That’s it. No other classes. It looks like you are taking tough classes in addition with the already tough required classes for the MCAT. I would just concentrate on completing the ones that I have listed above that are required for the MCAT and most Med. Schools. Why are you taking genetics?

Just some of my thoughts …