Not now

Well, it looks like my pre-med journey is over for now. I know I haven’t posted (or even looked at the site!) for a long time. I was kicking my butt in chem 2. Managed a B, which is disappointing, but wow was that a hard class. I got an A in Bio 2, so it’s not really my grades that have changed my mind. My husband is starting a program soon that will further his career significantly, and, if I do a nursing program, I’ll be finished at the same time that he is, and then we’ll be moving. It’s a more logical path for us right now. I haven’t given up hope that one day I’ll be a doctor, but I have realized that sometimes you have to put on your big-girl pants and do what you NEED to do rather than what you WANT to do. I’m not even really upset about it. Obviously being a nurse is not the same as being a doctor, but I think I could enjoy being a nurse, especially an L&D nurse. So, not now, then. But, as so many people on this board have said, not now does not mean never.

Good luck Rachel!

I was on a break this spring and I’m this summer to finish with my BSN. So, I lost 2 good semesters but I’m starting with premed classes this Fall. We will get there eventially!

I wish you all the best to you and your hubby!!!