Now I'm depressed . . . and wish to start over.

I don’t usually like to vent my sadness or frustration, but I recently discovered that I’ve been miscalculating my science/all-other GPA due to incorrectly writing down a science grade (from 1983). So my BCPM is now 2.92 (before post-bacc). I received A’s in some courses, mostly B’s in others, but those C’s in genetics and stats, and that F (retaken as a C) in sophomore math really pulled things down.

I’ve taken 2 post-bacc science courses, but they were pre-quels of my original science courses, which I have forgotten. So my now over GPA is BCMP 3.04, all-other 3.7. I calculate that even if I take all science courses in a second bachelor’s degree (if I get in), my BCPM will be no higher than a 3.4, and my all-other will still be less than 3.8 (I have a lot of All-Other units, which is why every A doesn’t change the All-Other very much.

Unfortunately, a 3.4 BCPM won’t get me into my preferred MSTP program, and there are so few of them in my area of interest. And in the four years it will take to get to a 3.4 BCPM, (if I’m lucky and do get A’s), my chances at doing an MSTP drop even futher. They are already slim because I’m over 40 .

I wish there was some way I could start all over again . . .

Nahani -
Don’t beat yourself up. I couldn’t tell you exactly what my GPA’s were when I applied last year, but they were far from stellar. My undergrad GPA was a 2.77 with a similar BCPM.
Most medical schools look very postively at upward trends and recent grades. Very few medical schools have hard and fast rules about GPA cut-offs. Some screen on GPA/MCAT scores for secondaries, but I have heard of people who contacted schools who rejected them pre-secondary based on GPA cut-offs who ended up getting interviews and accepted.
Have you actually contacted any MSTP’s and talked to them? I realize that a lot of them may have minimum GPA’s listed on their websites or literature, but there is a good chance that they are not nearly as inflexible as you might think. Also - at many schools you can decide to do the MSTP after matriculating.
Don’t assume that there is nothing you can do to bring up your GPA high enough. Try and schedule appointments with some admissions counselors/deans at some schools or talk to them on the phone. Make a point of trying to actually talk to a dean/admissions counselor and don’t just settle for talking to whomever answers the phone in the admissions office.
You may also consider, rather than another four year degree, just re-taking the pre-reqs to regain your lost knowledge and applying to a master’s program. It wouldn’t necessarily take you any longer, and might actually take less time.
Good luck and don’t give up!!

Hi there,
Apply with what you have and keep moving forward. You have shown an upward trend and you are not the same person that you were when you got those low grades. Explain your grades if asked in an interview but otherwise, do not mention them and put nothing but positive things in the rest of your application.
You can always apply to the other program later or get your Ph.D during residency. Get into medical school and options open up.