Nursing courses ?

At one point I took nursing courses. Would those could under my science gpa?

Probably not. AMCAS has a instruction manual for applying 750/data… Look on page 40 to see which courses count in the science gpa.

When I specifically contacted AMCAS about where to place my nursing courses such as anatomy & physiology and microbiology, this was their response: “Applicants are responsible for determining the classification of each course based on the primary course content. AMCAS reserves the right to change course classifications if the assigned course classification clearly does not apply.”

Basically, use your best judgment and then see what they do with it.


I would say if they come up as Biology courses they fall in science, if they fall into nursing classes then no.

For example:

The anatomy and Physiology required for a nursing degree at my school is a Bio course so I would code it as such, if it fell under the school of nursing then no.

Oh yes. The bio, a&p, chem, micro etc would count in the science gpa. I assumed OP was referring to specific nursing classes like nursing foundations or adults and peds med-surg classes. There is some gray area around if you took sciences classes geared towards the health professions though…

The only nursing course I remember counting as science was human development: was a NURS prefix course but they took it as science. Fundamentals in Nursing definately do not count.



Use the course syllabus to help you decide.

If questioned by a med school admissions committee, be prepared to justify your classification.